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Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2021

Gemini General prediction April 2021

Natives of Gemini are very intellectual and ready to do any task on their own, and complete it intellectually. You are the person, who, give importance to mental labor rather than physical labor. You have a great logical capability. In the month of April, Rahu and Mars are in the twelfth house, and due to this you may have to face some problems, such as tremendous increase in your expenses. You may have to face some health issues also, and therefore you have to be very careful about your health.

Presence of Saturn and Jupiter in the eighth house will make you religious but you have to face some financial problems also. Ketu is present in the seventh house, which may cause some problems from your enemies, but movement of Jupiter to ninth house will give you support of your luck. You will have very good relations with your life partner.

Gemini Profession April 2021

Natives of Gemini are tactful and have a very good logical capability, and therefore, they like to do any work, using their mind, and this quality will be very useful in this month. You will be very progressive for your job and will try to do better in this. You will enjoy doing tough tasks, and you will take it as a challenge. You will get appreciation for this in your field and this will give you satisfaction.

On 14th April Sun will move to eleventh house, this shows that you will have strong relations with your senior officers, and you will be benefited by this. After 6th April Jupiter will move to ninth house, this indicates that if you have applied for a job you may get it, or there is a possibility of getting a better job than the present job. In total, this month is very important for your job.

Gemini Finance April 2021

From the point of view of finance, this month will have ups and downs in your life. Saturn and Jupiter in eighth house are having synergy with Rahu and Mars in twelfth house, and these all will affect your expenses badly. Your financial condition will be burdened, although after 6th April, Venus will make a movement and Sun and Mercury will come to eleventh house after 16th April, this will help to improve your financial condition.

On 14th April Mars will change its position, this will cause reduction in your expenses. This is the time when you will be able to earn some money on your own and by joint efforts of family and you will have better financial condition. Second half of the month is good for the investment, whereas in the first half you may have to take loan for some of your works.

Gemini Health April 2021

From the health point of view, you are advised to be careful. Planets, which are present in sixth, eighth and twelfth houses, show that you will not have good health, in this month. You have to take special care of your health, and if you do not care for the health then it may cause some disease. You are advised to drive vehicles very carefully, because there is a possibility of any accident in this month.

You may suffer from blood related problems also. You should take proper diet and if needed, you can consult doctor. In all, this month may bring, many problems related to your health and you should be extra careful, regarding your health. You should take balanced diet, and do regular exercises and morning walk.

Gemini Love and marriage April 2021

Starting of the month may not be very good, from the point of view of love matters, but you should have patience, in due time condition will be improved. After 10th April Venus will look towards fifth house, and this shows that your love relations will be back to normal. You will enjoy talking and roaming with your partner.

On 14th April Sun will look towards fifth house, this indicates that there may be hot talks between two of you, but afterwards all will be good and come back to normal. Natives, who are married, will have to make special efforts to maintain normal relation with your life partner. You may plan a long trip with your partner. You may plan to go to pilgrimage also, which will bring joy and your family bond will become strong. If you are willing to have a child, then you may get good news in this period. If you already have children then this time is good for their progress and they will have good health also.

Gemini Family April 2021

Saturn and Jupiter will look towards second house from the starting of the month, and Mercury, Sun and Venus will look towards fourth house, this indicates that you will have a very good family time, and you will have peaceful family life. There will be very good coordination between family members, and all members will cooperate with each other in odds and evens. Your gross family income will increase but you are advised, not to invest in this period, because this may be challenging.

In the second half of the month, your relations with your siblings will be better, and you may get financial support from them if needed. If you are a businessman, then you will get full support from your siblings to make progress. Your father may have health issues, do take care of him.

Gemini Remedies April 2021

You are advised to wear a good quality emerald in your little finger on Wednesday.

Daily, feed green grass, green vegetables or spinach to cow.

Donate lentil pulse on Tuesdays.

Worshipping Mahalaxmi devi will be beneficial and this may reduce your financial problems.

Feeding wheat flour to ants and seven pulses to birds will be beneficial.

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