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Gemini Monthly Horoscope January 2021

Gemini General prediction January 2021

The people of Gemini moon sign are being ruled and governed by planet Mercury who is considered as a prince among all planets. These people are very intelligent and independent by nature and behavior. Besides this these people are a favorite of all and have many talents. The moon sign of Gemini has been regarded to be a sign of air element. In this condition the people born under this moon sign have many talents. They are well prepared to face adverse conditions. The people of this moon sign are idealistic and have a cheerful nature. Gemini moon sign has a dual nature in such a condition their people have the art to face any kind of condition. The talking style and language of these people is also very nice. Due to this reason these people get success in winning the heart of others very easily.

Gemini Job and Career January 2021

As far as job and profession is concerned this first month of January 2021 will have chances of some ups and downs. The people of Gemini moon sign who are concerned with jobs they may have to face some problems. Due to this reason you will have the thought of changing your job. You will have to work hard and make lot of efforts to save your job or else it is being seen that you might lose your job. Planet Jupiter the owner of 10th house is in the 8th house in a weak condition in your horoscope. This indicates that during this time changing your job might prove to be risky.

Gemini Finance January 2021

From money and finance point of view this month of January 2021 will be very favorable for you. Planet Mars the owner of 11th house is in its own house. This indicates that your income will increase more. Your hard work done during previous months will give you results during this month of January. During this time you will get profits from many sources. You will expend a big part of your income in buying things of luxury. If you want to make a long time investment then this time will be very favorable for it. Besides this you may also save money for your future.

Gemini health January 2021

Health is the real wealth of a person. Yet during this time you may have to bear some troubles due to health. You may feel tensed and tired due to worries and doubts during this time. Ketu is making transit in the 8th house of your horoscope that is 6th to the house of illness. This condition indicates that during this time you will have to face worries due to disease and illness. If some kind of disease is troubling you since past time then you should take consultation from the doctor without making any delay. This is because during this time your problems of health might increase. During this time you may face some problems like injury in legs, viral fever, chicken pox and shivering. You should avoid taking excess fried and spicy food. Take fruit juice and soup as far as possible this will make your immunity system strong. This will give you the power to be safe from illness and diseases.

Gemini Love and marriage January 2021

From love affairs point of view this month is going to be good for people of Gemini moon sign. During this time you will be very much emotional. You and your life partner will have a better understanding with one another. Both of you will give maximum support to each other. From love point of view both of you will come close to each other. Your relationship will become strong. The people of this moon sign may also take their relation to the next stage. It means they may get married. The people of Gemini moon sign who are single and are seeking a love partner may find someone special for them. They will start a romantic relationship with that partner. The starting month of January 2021 will be good for Gemini people from love point of view yet those who desire to get married they may face some tension during the beginning of this month and year.

Gemini Family January 2021

From family point of view the time of January 2021 will be very nice. During this time you will be among your family members and dear ones. You will take complete care of your family members and you will help them in the tasks of your home. You will spend your time in playing with kids, mingling with them and eating tasty and health food with them. The people of this moon sign who are single may spend their time with their parents and elders. They will also take care of their needs during this time.

Gemini Remedies January 2021

Chant the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu daily. Donate turmeric to some religious place for one week and apply sandal wood mark on your forehead. Recite the Guru mantra for 108 times once in a time daily. Feed jaggery to cows especially on Sundays. Feed children and if possible go to some orphanage and feed the kids who are living there. Drink water in a copper vessel. Distribute bananas to children and old aged people.

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