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Most Accurate free Scorpio daily Horoscope. Scorpio daily horoscope provides insight into your complete day. Truthstar Daily Horoscope on Scorpio written by Rob Tillett.

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Scorpio Daily horoscope January 12 – January 14, 2019

12 January, 2019

You are restless today, daydreaming about lusty partners and high finances. Even though some of your thoughts will be unrealistic, your imagination is ignited and we often discover alternative solutions to long standing concerns when we expand our minds. You are deeply sensitive to the moods of those in your family environment, so avoid negativity if possible. Lucky colours are lavender and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 24 and 65.

13 January, 2019

This is a fantastic day for communications Scorpio, especially in the work arena. You are confident and focused on problem solving in positive ways. You will seek compromise where there is turmoil but your future vision is grand and in your sights, so those around you will be inspired by the words you have to say. Highly motivational day for positive achievement Scorpio. Lucky colours are mother of pearl and violet. Lucky numbers are 23 and 12.

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14 January, 2019

You can really make things happen today Scorpio if you choose. With Jupiter in your sign and the emotive Moon passing by, grab passion by the horns and state your case with enthusiasm. There is the risk of impulsive reaction and possible arguments caused by frustration, especially with females who may attempt to block your path but ignore it. There are opportunities with this energy so don’t allow your attention to be swayed by rectifying another’s negativity. Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 36 and 39.

Scorpio Daily horoscope January 15 – January 16, 2019

15 January, 2019

You are overly opinionated and forceful, with it comes self-protection. You’re operating on auto-pilot to some extent, going through the motions as you ponder deep down how you wish to be viewed by those around you. Partnerships will feel the main force of this attitude as you may be quite stubborn and emotionally distant with this energy. Lucky colours are green and pearl. Lucky numbers are 13 and 70.

16 January, 2019

Tension eases a touch and you are much more settled but you may decide that it is best to move away from a certain individual, no doubt female, as the relationship may be causing more stress than what you desire at the moment. There is just a strong clash of opinion and ego here as you strive to rebuild your confidence. Lucky colours are magenta and olive. Lucky numbers are 28 and 51.

Scorpio Daily horoscope January 17 – January 18, 2019

17 January, 2019

Just when you least expect it Scorpio, a new love interest will appear to brighten your day. This is an exciting new phase for you, with a mutual desire for romance and generosity. This individual may understand you more fully than anyone else has for quite some time and you will literally feel swept off your feet. Lucky colours are antique silver and honey. Lucky numbers are 21 and 75.

18 January, 2019

This is a positive day to aim for a financial and career improvement, so plan that speech or that interview today Scorpio. You will be able to impress with your abilities to lead a team with compassion and calm intellect, whilst placing the companies best interests at the forefront at all times. Lucky colours are green and nutmeg. Lucky number is34.

Scorpio Daily horoscope January 19 – January 20, 2019

19 January, 2019

A great day for unions of all kinds, but especially those related to business and finances. You may receive news about a job, or find joining a group or association provides the perfect solution to other frustrations. This is also a fantastic time to contact old friends that you have missed and reconnect about the good old times. Lucky colours are tan and grape. Lucky numbers are 17 and 46.

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20 January, 2019

The one thing you can look forward to today is change. Just when you think you’ve worked it all out, the Universe reshuffles the cosmic cards. For the next few days, decisions are made by forces beyond your control. Sit back and observe and roll with the waves as much as possible: refusing to do so will only create problems for yourself and the people you live or work with. Lucky colours are royal purple and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 10 and 15.

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