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Pisces Daily horoscope January 10 – January 11, 2019

10 January, 2019

A past concern with a friend may find them turn to foe as you clash opinions. You are feeling very strong in self and extremely focused on your own financial direction. This will not be received well by someone in your social sphere who will feel intimidated and attempt to state you are somewhat materialistic. There is nothing wrong with ambition and this conflict will show the true colours of those you relax and confide in. Lucky colours are chocolate and yellow. Lucky numbers are 28 and 71.

11 January, 2019

Whatever struggles or ructions you’ve been through, charm will set the course today. You can appeal to older guides or mentors for help or assistance. If you take time and are patient with the process of communication it will yield rich reward. There’s a light about you today that should help to wash away any matters from the recent past. Get a sense of where you are financially and in terms of your plans and just keep going on your own persistent way. Lucky colours are indigo and red. Lucky numbers are 1 and 3.

Pisces Daily horoscope January 12 – January 14, 2019

12 January, 2019

The world of your dreams will be quite amazing and do not be surprised if you experience a dream about your family members or your childhood. Now if you dream of doom and gloom, don’t just assume this is prophetic as your mind is exploring the more hidden parts of your psyche today and you will be quite overwhelmed by your memory activity. Lucky colours are peach blossom and azure blue. Lucky numbers are 30 and 56.

13 January, 2019

If you are involved in social groups or engaged in public speaking, this will be a great day to make a speech that really makes an impact. Your communications are awesome today as your intellectual energy is focused on problem solving and you have the bigger picture in mind. If you have considered writing for publication, this energy also supports your efforts and yet again, another huge nod in regards to travel and communications abroad. Lucky colours are magenta and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 40 and 20.

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14 January, 2019

Your mind is on higher aspirations and you seek the company of those with a similar mindset. This will cause disruption within your normal environment and possible conflict with family members. A friend from the past may make a surprise re-entry into your life at this time. The whimsical Piscean may also find romance with a foreign lover an appealing consideration whilst others will dream of travelling to vast lands. Lucky colours are terracotta and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 40 and 31.

Pisces Daily horoscope January 15 – January 16, 2019

15 January, 2019

With a tendency to only notice what is lacking in your life, this will be a frustrating day on an internal level as you feel restricted in reaching your future goals. This is a great time to introduce your enthusiastic attitude to a new group or activity as you are keen to dazzle. This is a positive time for learning and exploring new horizons that will improve your future intentions. Lucky colours are yellow and black. Lucky numbers are 3 and 29.

16 January, 2019

You act from your subconscious today with a few petty arguments involved, as you are sensitive to criticisms about your aims and ambitions. It will be a pleasure to share your knowledge with those who appreciate it so you will find far more comfort sharing your time with like-minded individuals, rather than spending your time attempting to convert others to your way of thinking. Lucky colours are parchment and aqua. Lucky numbers are 21 and 39.

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