Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope, Gemini Career this week

Gemini Career weekly horoscope covers all the planetary changes impacting your career in this week. Gemini being a very calculative sign, this Gemini Career Weekly horoscope is going to help you to identify the opportunities. Very easy to understand and in plain language. Gemini Career this week will guide all the Gemini’s to plan their career moves accordingly. Our Gemini career weekly horoscope is most viewed section of the website.

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Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 24 February, 2020 – 01 March, 2020

Until March the first week, you are going to struggle a little bit at your work. This is not the time to experiment with new skills at work. Instead, you should try to improve your existing skills. Don’t take any risk regarding your existing job. Please stay away from unhealthy communication at work. However, Venus is triggering your long tern relations and that indicates some opportunities to join a new team. You may have problems starting with a new team, but that will end by March first week. There will be new team members and most of them can be from the opposite gender. Projects from international organizations can also cone up.
At the same time, banking and accounting professionals also will have to be careful. This is a complex time for partnerships too.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 17 February, 2020 – 23 February, 2020

The new moon will be influencing your career sector. This is a time for a new beginning, and they will not be easy as well. Mercury is in a slow mode in this house itself, and you will have to rethink about your existing job. However, until March the first week, you should not take any risk regarding your job. There will be certain unhappiness regarding your work. Please be careful when you take up new commitments. Some kinds of issues can come up regarding partnerships as well. Those who work in the banking and accounting sector should be very careful. This is also a time of opportunities for doctor’s healers too. If you plan and search well, then you can even get part-time jobs.

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Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 10 February, 2020 – 16 February, 2020

The full moon will activate the house of short travels, short courses, writing, editing, media, and technology. It indicates completion and endings. You will have career-related studies and training. Travelling is also possible for career purposes. Those who work in the communication-related domain will have multiple projects. This is also an important time for those who work in the technology-related sector as well. Writers, teachers, and counselors will be busy with their work. You may plan for your ventures. Networking opportunities are also seen. Please use these opportunities very carefully to set a solid foundation for your career.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 03 February, 2020 – 09 February, 2020

The Venusian influence on your team ventures is good and that will bring some fine opportunities to join new team. These openings can be with NGOs or charity related ventures. You will be working with big teams than you worked earlier. Projects from charity, technical communication and finance sector can also come up. Team discussions also will be a big part of this week. However, challenges will be visible at work because Mercury is all set to go in a slowdown mode. The challenges will be strongly visible from next week onwards so, try to be careful at your work. Most of the challenges will be arising from communication issues. Try to communicate in a clear manner, and don’t use any jargons. There will be multiple projects from communication and media related sector.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 27 January, 2020 – 02 February, 2020

There will be a lot of foreign collaborations and mass communication relate to activities. There will be some projects from foreign lands and for that, you may have foreign or long trips as well. Publishers and printers also will have a lot of work. However, those who work abroad should not take any risk at work. Career-related training sessions and long trips are also seen. At work, you will have creative projects. Multiple projects can come up during this week. New business contracts can also come up. New job offers are also a part of this week. However, there can be some challenges from the partners.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 20 January, 2020 – 26 January, 2020

The 9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy will be highly active during this week because of a powerful new moon. This indicates new beginnings from publication and media related domains. Authors and publishers will have important activities. Career-related training sessions and long trips are also seen. Communication-related projects will come up. Those who work in the legal wing will have some important projects. This is a week for multiple projects. This is a week to multitask and that can give you physical issues as well. At work, you will have projects from the creative domain as well. There will be enough support from your colleagues as well as managers.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 13 January, 2019 – 19 January, 2020

Venusian influence on the career sector can make you explore new opportunities. It can make you a little irresponsible regarding your career-related decisions, so you need to be very careful. There will be new changes at work, and it can be like a new workspace, new colleague or a new project. Those who work in healing, arts, and entertainment will have more work. This is a good time to get recognition for your work as well. You will plan for a career development program. Those who work in preaching and counseling also will have new opportunities. Projects with foreign collaborations are also possible. You will be having some opportunities from media and publishing as well. This is also an important time for travel agents too.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 30 December, 2019 – 05 January, 2020

Mars will move into the 7th house of professional relationships and business deals. That cannot be an easy time as Mars indicates struggles. So, there will be arguments with your partners. That can bring some obstacles, so, you have to control your speech. Mars will let you talk a lot without a second thought and that can hurt your partner. This is also a time for new business deals, but try to be a little flexible and understanding. New job offers also can come up. The Sun will be showing you the real status of your finances, so you have to manage your expenses. This is a challenging time for your expenses, so you have to manage. However, there will be many opportunities for part-time jobs, which can help you to improve your income.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 23 December, 2019 – 29 December, 2019

The Sun is triggering the sector for finances and partnerships. This is a time to start new partnership ventures. Discussions for such ventures may come up. These discussions can have a positive outcome if you are taking care of it. This is a good time to find new part-time projects. Those who work in research and development will have new opportunities. Engineers, accountants and finance experts also will be busy with new opportunities. The sector for communication is activated with Venus, so you will have some projects from the media as well. Opportunities for writing, editing, sales, and marketing also can come up.