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Gemini Career weekly horoscope covers all the planetary changes impacting your career in this week. Gemini being a very calculative sign, this Gemini Career Weekly horoscope is going to help you to identify the opportunities. Very easy to understand and in plain language. Gemini Career this week will guide all the Gemini’s to plan their career moves accordingly. Our Gemini career weekly horoscope is most viewed section of the website.

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Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 19 April – 25 April 2021

This is not a great time for those who work in secret, like detectives. You may not feel the urge to work. You will want to leave things and take a step back. If you are taking some time off, rejuvenate completely and get back to work with new vigour and energy. Film directors will make important communications this week. You may be in talks about a new project as well. This is a very fruitful week for the athletes and physical trainers also. The energy brought along with Mars will help you make important achievements. You are at your level best this week. Use this opportunity wisely.

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Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 14 – 20 December 2020

The solar eclipse will be bringing some changes in your personal and professional relationships. This is the phase for new beginnings and that will bring some changes in professional relationships. New job offers, interviews, and debates can also come up during this week. New business opportunities also come up. This is a good time for deal-making, but you should take care before you get into such projects. However, there are chances for arguments in business projects. Mars is still moving through Aries and that will be impacting long term relationships. This will be a challenging time for your long term relationships. There are chances for arguments with your teammates and that should not impact the continuity of your job. There are huge chances for foreign collaborations and higher studies.

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Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 07 – 13 December 2020

This is a very crucial week for your partnership business as the Sun is impacting it. The Sun naturally loses strength there, so you will have to be very careful with your partners. The seventh house also indicates professional relationships, so you will have to take care of all the relationships from the professional sector.
This is not the right time to start a new business relationship. You may have to do some rework on the existing partnerships. This is not a great time for those who work in event management and PR related sectors. Venus is impacting the sixth house of work and colleagues. This indicates the chances for creative projects and support from your colleagues. There are chances for projects from foreign lands. Those who work in foreign lands also will have multiple projects.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 30 November 2020 – 06 December 2020

The Sun is impacting the sector for partnerships and professional relationships.
You will be meeting new people and that will help you widen your professional sector. However, getting into new partnerships can be a little risky. If you want to join a partnership, then you have to take expert advice. There are chances for foreign collaborations and travels as well. Mars is impacting long term relationships and team settings. You will be working with international organizations as well. This is also a time to work for youth groups. Projects from the technology sector are also possible. Some projects from the creative domain can also come up.

Gemini Career Weekly Horoscope 23 November 2020 – 29 November 2020

The Sun will trigger your professional relationships and business deals. It surely indicates challenges as the Sun loses its strength in this house. So, there will be arguments with your partners. That can bring some obstacles, so, you have to control your speech. This is also a time for new business deals but tries to be a little flexible and understanding. New job offers also can come up. Your workplace is also evolving and that will bring some difficulties. There will be a lot of work and the projects will be very complex. New projects and new colleagues can also come up. However, these projects can be complex as well. At work, you will have to spend a lot of physical as well as mental energy