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Most Accurate free Gemini daily Horoscope. Gemini daily horoscope provides insight into your complete day. Truthstar Daily Horoscope on Gemini Today and Gemini Tomorrow written by Rob Tillett.

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Gemini Daily horoscope December 11 – December 12, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It’s time for to let go of the attitude. Things will run much more smoothly if you’re willing to swallow your doubts and trust other people’s efforts. If a joint venture is to go anywhere, everyone’s strengths and weaknesses must be on the table. Be your charming self and raise the general morale. You should be able to talk your way around almost anything. Lucky colours are peach and rose. Lucky numbers are 33 and 34.

Wednesday December 12, 2018

Communicative Mercury enters Sagittarius today and settles into your seventh house of partnerships and marriage. This is an excellent time to negotiate with a business partner or to talk about what’s really important with your spouse. Lucky colours are apricot and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 34 and 14.

Gemini Daily horoscope December 13 – December 14, 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Even though you can probably figure everything out on your own, being independent is overrated at the moment. As much as you’d like to ditch others, you’re all in it together this time. With a little patience brought on later in the day by the Pisces Moon, you can bring everyone else up to speed. Make sure that any new members of the team are fully briefed before they come aboard. Your leadership skills are honed and you’re ready to take on the task at hand. Lucky colours are tan and orange. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.

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Friday December 14, 2018

If you want to participate in something exciting, you shouldn’t have to look far to find an activity that suits you today. As the Moon cruises through sensitive Pisces, you’re still in the loop, but now you no longer have to get your hands dirty. Your example attracts the loyalty and energy of willing volunteers wherever you go. After it’s all over, make sure you take the time to step back to admire the machine that you’ve set in motion. Lucky colours are bronze and cream. Lucky numbers are 33 and 34.

Gemini Daily horoscope December 15 – December 16, 2018

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Some of you struggle with being on time, versus being as accurate as possible. Don’t let speed win this one and take as much time as you need. You like to be prepared even if it means a slight delay, so don’t let anyone rush you. All necessary information is available if you consult the right sources. You should enjoy the tasks that you undertake today – even the obligatory ones. Lucky colours are misty blue and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 7 and 15.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It’s easy to please and be pleased on this friendly and energetic day. Spirits are high and optimistic, so why not plan to have some fun tonight? Get together with your mate, best friend or partner for some seasonal celebrations . do something on the spur of the moment that you have always wanted to do. It will be good for your soul! Lucky colours are shining copper and blush pink. Lucky numbers are 22 and 33.

Gemini Daily horoscope December 17 – December 18, 2018

Monday, December 17, 2018

You may find that your friends and associates are hot-tempered as the sensitive Moon glides through impatient Aries. Lively debates are likely and much can be accomplished while this fiery energy lasts. However, keep personal discussions out of the office as you are likely to be misunderstood. By all means, don’t forward any cheeky email at work! Lucky colours are cornflower blue and dollar green. Lucky numbers are 22 and 31.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Things might seem a bit hopeless, but all is not lost. Something, whether it is a higher power or just plain common sense, saves you from making a mistake. Uranus urges you to charge ahead abandoning all strategies, but the practical Taurus Moon urges you to step back from the heat and drink some cool water. Nothing will be accomplished by rushing through the task at hand. Make a plan and follow it until you reach your goal. Lucky colours are ruby red and jet black. Lucky numbers are 17 and 18.

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