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Most Accurate free Gemini daily Horoscope. Gemini daily horoscope provides insight into your complete day. Truthstar Daily Horoscope on Gemini Today and Gemini Tomorrow written by Rob Tillett.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope June 15, 2019 – June 16, 2019

Saturday, 15 June, 2019

Should you follow the tried and tested route, or should you branch out on your own in some way? That’s the question you’re facing this Thursday, and it looks as though you’re going to have to bow to convention on this occasion. Even so, you’ll have the chance to introduce a few of your own ideas, and also to consider your strategy for the future. Opportune colours are auburn and peach blossom Lucky numbers are 13 and 5.

Sunday, 16 June, 2019

You need a little excitement today, whether you’re at home or at work. It won’t take much to get your adrenalin flowing, and there’s no need to create havoc in the process, either. You could come up with some brilliant ideas about ways to make your job easier and there might also be some interesting news about a technological gadget or piece of machinery. Energising colours are aquamarine and ochre Lucky numbers are 24 and 51.

Gemini Daily Horoscope June 17, 2019 – June 18, 2019

Monday, 17 June, 2019

There’s a Full Moon today, which will have a big impact on your relationships for the next two weeks. You can expect some changes in some of your partnerships, perhaps as the balance of power shifts or problems are resolved at long last. Do your best to keep calm and not let things get to you so they feel like a crisis or you turn them into a major drama. Fortunate colours are sky blue and fuchsia Lucky numbers are 3 and 16.

Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

This is a great day for hitting it off with whoever happens to be around. If you’re with colleagues, you’ll do your best to create a harmonious and productive atmosphere. If you’re tackling some chores, you’ll want to do them as well as possible and may even feel inspired to write some letters, especially if you’ve putting them off recently. Beneficial colours are terracotta and sky blue Lucky numbers are 12 and 76.

Gemini Daily Horoscope June 19, 2019 – June 20, 2019

Wednesday, 19 June, 2019

You have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and you want to make things happen. It’s a great opportunity to organize something that you can look forward to, such as a forthcoming social event or a group gathering. You’ll swing into action with no trouble at all, and if you’ve got to rope in some helpers you’ll take that in your stride as well. Ideal colours are plum and silver Lucky numbers are 9 and 52.

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Thursday, 20 June, 2019

You’re in the mood for some light relief today, especially if that means doing as little as possible or giving yourself a treat. You’re feeling very sociable and won’t like it if you have to spend the best part of the day on your own. This is all very well if you don’t have more pressing matters to take care of, such as work and other chores, but it won’t make you very popular if you shirk your duties for too long. Peaceful colours are lilac and silver Lucky numbers are 23 and 56.

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