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Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 23 March, 2020 – 29 March, 2020

The new moon will be triggering your leg area and upper abdominal area. You will have to take care of both the areas as Mercury indicates some kind of stress. So, you have to be very careful about these organs. You will have to take care of your diet and leg muscles. This is a sensitive week for all the signs and that will influence you as well. So, you should control the intake of intoxicants also. You should strictly avoid that. There are chances for menstrual issues too. Pregnant women also should take care of their health and they should not miss their medication. Try to avoid spicy dishes as it can give you acidity related issues as well.

Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 16 March, 2020 – 22 March, 2020

The chest area has become very sensitive during this week because of the Mercurial influence. You will have to take care of your diet. Try to avoid spicy dishes, otherwise, you can get acidity related issues. It will be good if you have enough water and avoid cold food items. Mercurial aspect on the chest area can bring breathing issues as well. This is a good time to go for a sugar level test. Minor workouts can also be possible during this week. Your emotional health is also important. For the last few weeks, you had some emotional issues, but during this week, you will be more contented and that will help you to have a much better week.

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Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 09 March, 2020 – 15 March, 2020

Your chest area will be triggered a powerful full moon. The full moon is in the sign of Virgo and that also can intensify the situation. The moon indicates emotions and you will have to take care of your emotions. You should not argue with anyone this week. This is an ideal time to take breathing exercises. You will be going for a blood sugar test. Mercury is triggering your neck and shoulder area, so there will be some issues regarding your neck and shoulder area too. Due to the aspect of Mercury, you will have work-related stress as well.

Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 02 March, 2020 – 08 March, 2020

Mercury is in a slow down mode and that can influence your neck and shoulder area. There will be a lot of work and that may bring some physical issues too. Whenever any planet influences the neck and shoulder area, that can bring issues like shoulder pain, neck pain, and breathing issues. That can impact your entire schedule. During this week, you will need a lot of rest too. Try to take up a more healthy diet, so that you can work without any interruption. Venus is in the emotional sector and that will activate your subconscious mind. You will have to deal with your emotional self. The lower abdomen is also active, and you need to control your sugar intake too.

Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 24 February, 2020 – 01 March, 2020

Mars is triggering the sector for sex organs, bladder, and the muscular system, scrotum, and anus, outer sexual organs, excretory organs, pelvic bones. This planet will trigger your emotional issues as well. There will be issues in the relationships and that can be stressful. Your excretory and sexual organs need a lot of care as well. There are chances for the bacterial attack, so wash them and clean them properly as well. Mercury is in a slowdown mode and it is aspecting the chest area and that indicates some kind of unhappiness. Stay away from arguments and scandals. You should try to meditate and pray so that you can be peaceful and stable. This is also a good time to check your blood sugar level. Avoid milk and milk products as it can develop acidity.

Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 17 February, 2020 – 23 February, 2020

Your sexual organs and facial organs are triggered by a powerful Mars. Your upper half of the body is activated with the powerful Mars. Your sexual desires can be high and you need to take adequate precaution. Issues regarding finance and partnerships can add your stress. This is a good time to check your sexual organs and their functioning. Since the sector for the facial area is also activated, there will be minor concerns regarding that. You will try to improve your beauty. This is a good time for a dental check-up. It will be good if you wash your eyes with cold water.

Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 10 February, 2020 – 16 February, 2020

The full moon will trigger the sector for neck, throat, collar bones, and hands during this week. A lot of physical as well as mental activity is indicated. Whenever any planet moves through this sector, you can have physical and emotional issues. During this week, you may get stress-related issues and you should take enough rest. Most of the discomfort can arise in the neck and shoulder area. It can be a shoulder pain or neck pain or general body ache. This sector also indicates hands and there can be a lot of work with hands as well. Try to take enough rest and breaks in between. This sector also indicates hands and there can be a lot of work with hands as well. is an ideal time for breathing exercises

Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 03 February, 2020 – 09 February, 2020

Venus will enter Pisces and that can bring some discomfort regarding your leg area and upper abdominal area. Your bones will be very sensitive, and you need to have a lot of calcium. You will have to give your legs enough rest. The upper abdominal area is also active and that can bring more focus on digestion. Stay away from intoxicants. Your liver and gall bladder can easily get affected by intoxicants. Mercury will be triggering knees as well as the chest area. Try to stay away from milk and milk products as it can give acidity. Arguments with family members can also come up. This is also a good time to test your blood sugar.

Gemini Health Weekly Horoscope 27 January, 2020 – 02 February, 2020

This is a very important week for your blood flow as your femoral arteries are activated. During this week, the bodily fluids will be highly activated. So, you need to have enough water and enough rest. Venus is activating the knee and chest area. You will have some concerns regarding your happiness and peace. Try to stay away from the kind of arguments at home. You should have a moderate diet; otherwise, you will get acidity issues as well. Since your reproductive organs are also active, you can get sexual desires. Menstrual issues are also possible during this week. You should take enough water because your kidneys are also active.