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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 07, 2020 – January 08, 2020

Tuesday, 07 January, 2020

The changing Moon enters your seventh house of marriage and partnerships, urging you to look at your relationship with your better half. Your financial life has been changing thanks to a heavy dose of cosmic factors in caustic Capricorn and this could be affecting the connection between you and your mate, best friend or business partner. Lucky colours are rose pink and teal. Lucky numbers are 7 and 33.

Wednesday, 08 January, 2020

Money has the potential to be your greatest downfall today because it’s burning a hole in your pocket. If you see something you want to buy you’ll struggle to resist the urge to splurge, whether or not you’ve got the cash. Be careful if you’re shopping or out on the tiles with a friend because you may try to outdo each other in a contest to find out who is most extravagant. Only do this if you can really afford it! Lucky colours are lime and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 32 and 59.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 09, 2020 – January 10, 2020

Thursday, 09 January, 2020

You may think you know a loved one through and through, but what happens between you today surprises you because it shows a new facet of their personality. It just goes to prove that you can never take anyone for granted. You might also hit on an unusual or innovative way to change the look or feel of your home, but make sure you consult the other residents before putting your plan into action in case they hate it. Lucky colours are taupe and lavender. Lucky numbers are 6 and 49.

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Friday, 10 January, 2020

The Lunar Eclipse will have a big impact on your financial situation during the next few months, especially if you’ve been ignoring some unpleasant facts recently. It’s time to take stock of where you stand materially, not only with your personal bank account but also over your tax affairs, your savings and, if you have one, your mortgage. Look at the facts and see if you can improve them in some way. Lucky colours are blue and sable. Lucky numbers are 29 and 1.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 11, 2020 – January 12, 2020

Saturday, 11 January, 2020

If the intensity has been a bit wearing, you’ll be delighted to learn that the Moon moves into your ninth house of travel and philosophy, stimulating different scenes and ideas. The opinions and beliefs of others are likely to become more prominent in your life over the next two days, and this may not be very pleasant. Try to listen more and speak less as you find out more about the world around you. Lucky colours are carmine and azure. Lucky numbers are 27 and 33.

Sunday, 12 January, 2020

You’re in a very upbeat mood today, so enjoy it while it lasts. Even if you’re facing various problems right now, you’re determined to rise above them and not to let them spoil your day. This positive attitude could bring a little luck your way, so consider trying your hand at a small gamble. You could buy a lottery ticket or enter a competition, but don’t play for high stakes. Lucky colours are sunflower yellow and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 39 and 51.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 13, 2020 – January 14, 2020

Monday, 13 January, 2020

Harmonious relationships between family members are encouraged as Venus sweeps into charming Pisces today. It’s time to make a brand new start by improving domestic relations and any kind of mutual developments. Real estate negotiations, legal matters connected with a family business, or the artistic endeavours of a parent are stimulated this month. Lucky colours are lavender and silver. Lucky numbers are 4 and 22.

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Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

If your spirits have sunk to your boots after yesterday’s ruminations, cheer yourself up by doing something that has meaning for you. It doesn’t have to cost anything, either, if you’re prepared to enjoy some simple pleasures. For instance, you could spend time with a loved one, go for a walk in your favourite stretch of countryside or think seriously about how many blessings you have in your life. Lucky colours are ultramarine and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 36 and 8.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 15, 2020 – January 16, 2020

Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

This is a great day for making things happen, especially if you can work as part of a team. Any sort of group activity will go well, whether it’s getting together with some friends that you haven’t seen recently or attending a course. If you’re lucky, a chum might also do you a favour that’s above and beyond the call of duty. Lucky colours are spring green and taupe. Lucky numbers are 10 and 8.

Thursday, 16 January, 2020

Talkative Mercury cruises into Aquarius and your solar third house today, brightening up the picture as far as ideas and communications are concerned. Excitement and sudden shifts of thinking arise as you encounter ideas from those around you. Extra travel is on the agenda and for some, there will be contact with siblings. A new plan begins to form. Lucky colours are sunflower and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 27 and 41.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 17, 2020 – January 18, 2020

Friday, 17 January, 2020

There’s a clash of opinion with a loved one about values and priorities today, leading to disagreements with a loved one and a rather dicey atmosphere. If you get really heated about things that don’t really matter, it’s a sign that something more deep-seated is going on. Try to think what this might be. Alternatively, maybe you won’t have to wait long because you’ll blurt it out in the heat of the moment! Lucky colours are tangerine and baby blue. Lucky numbers are 29 and 28.

Saturday, 18 January, 2020

You need plenty of patience today when dealing with a loved one. They’re very dithery, which drives you bats because you can’t get much sense out of them. If they go shopping for you they might forget the one thing you need most of all, or they could get into a muddle over a domestic arrangement. Before you blow your top, ask them if something is bothering them because maybe they’re distracted by worries you don’t know about. Lucky colours are ultramarine and ochre. Lucky numbers are 11 and 73.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 19, 2020 – January 20, 2020

Sunday, 19 January, 2020

The last thing you want is to be confined to one place for too long, because if that happens you’ll soon start to feel suffocated and bored, and then you’ll want to stir up trouble to see what happens next. However, you may not be consciously aware of what you’re doing because you’ll be acting instinctively. Try to let off steam in more positive and constructive ways, rather than by causing havoc with your nearest and dearest. Lucky colours are black velvet and soft pink. Lucky numbers are 40 and 61.

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Monday, 20 January, 2020

You have a strong urge to communicate with other people during the next four weeks. If you’re a typical Sagittarian then you’re normally a good communicator anyway, but right now this part of your personality will be more important than normal. Your sense of identity will be enhanced by your ability to talk to others, and your conversations will help you to understand yourself in new ways. Lucky colours are plum and walnut brown. Lucky numbers are 27 and 17.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 21, 2020 – January 22, 2020

Tuesday, 21 January, 2020

You have a lot of enthusiasm today and you’re directing it towards activities that you enjoy. For instance, you might spend lots of time on a particular hobby or spare-time interest. Alternatively, you could become completely wrapped up in a humanitarian venture that you feel strongly about. If you want to get a friend involved to keep you company, this is the day to do it. Lucky colours are crimson and green satin. Lucky numbers are 27 and 42.

Wednesday, 22 January, 2020

Think about your plans for the future; are you happy with the way they’re proceeding? You also need to ask yourself whether you can afford to put them into action, and what you’re going to do if the answer’s ‘no’. It’s tempting to gloss over these awkward questions, but you have to ask them sooner or later. Be brave! Lucky colours are dark blue and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 20 and 9.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 23, 2020 – January 24, 2020

Thursday, 23 January, 2020

This is a delightfully easy-going and sociable day, and all you’re really interested in is being with some kindred spirits. Arrange a night out on the town or meet a friend for lunch, because you’re in the mood to have fun. That’s great, but try to watch how much money you’re spending because it’s one of those days when extravagance sweeps over you and money slips through your fingers like water. Lucky colours are sunflower yellow and lolly pink. Lucky numbers are 22 and 62.

Friday, 24 January, 2020

It’s a new year and you’re ready for new pastures. They have to be mentally stimulating and put a spring in your step. During the next couple of weeks you might decide to widen your circle of acquaintances or spend more time in contact with your existing friends. You could also become engrossed in a fascinating book or idea. Lucky colours are taupe and dark red. Lucky numbers are 12 and 15.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope January 25, 2020 – January 26, 2020

Saturday, 25 January, 2020

There’s never a dull moment today when life keeps you on your toes. You’re a lot busier than normal and you really enjoy it. This is a super day for being involved in local activities, such as a scheme to improve your neighbourhood or to raise money for your nearest school, because you’ll put your heart and soul into it. And you might have fun at the same time! Lucky colours are burgundy and silver. Lucky numbers are 21 and 36.

Sunday, 26 January, 2020

You’re in a daredevil mood today, so what are you planning to do? You might decide to do something that would normally make you feel scared or nervous, or you may simply rush into a decision without thinking it through carefully. If you’ve been thinking about booking up a holiday, you’ll want to do something concrete about it now. Lucky colours are copper and pale green. Lucky numbers are 7 and 48.

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