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Most Accurate free Sagittarius Horoscope Monthly April 2021. Sagittarius monthly horoscope provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Sagittarius written by Rob Tillett.

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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2021

Sagittarius General prediction April 2021

Natives of Sagittarius are intellectual and have conscience, they are focused, sincere, and independent. They don’t like to be governed by anybody. Therefore they are introvert, but perform their work with sincerity. Normally they don’t get angry, but once they are annoyed then it is difficult to calm down them. Month of April is a month in which you have to be cautious. Presence of Ketu in twelfth house, will cause tremendous increase in expenses.

Service persons have to be careful in this month. Some of your colleagues may plan conspiracy against you, and you have to pay for it. If you are a businessman then this month is very good for you. Presence of Venus and Mercury in fourth house, will make your family life very happy and joyful. You will spend on decoration of your house. There will be good bonding between family members.

Sagittarius Profession April 2021

Natives of Sagittarius are very focused towards their aim, and do their job efficiently. Starting od April will be good for you. Sun, Venus and Mercury are looking towards tenth house. Also, Jupiter is present in second house and looking towards tenth house, this shows that, you will be very busy in your work, in this month.
You will do your work very sincerely, and you will be benefited by it. Those natives, who are in service, will do their job, passionately, and take some new assignments, for which you were waiting from a long time and this will improve your dignity. After 16th April, when Mercury will move to fifth house, you may get an offer from another employer, for new job. Your luck will support you from the beginning of the month. If you are a businessman then you will have contact with some new persons, which may benefit you.

Sagittarius Finance April 2021

From finance pont of view, starting of the month will not be very good. Mars and Rahu are present in sixth house and looking towards twelfth house, this clearly indicates the increase in expenses. Although the presence of Saturn and Jupiter in second house, will help you for making you financially strong, but you should plan a budget and follow it, that will be good for you.

On 6th April Jupiter will move to third house, and will look to ninth and eleventh house, this shows that your financial condition will be improved after this, and there is possibility of increase in income. Mars will move to seventh house on 14th April, due to this, your business will start giving profit to you, but, even then you have to control your expenses. There is a possibility that some of family members may have health issues, which will require treatment, and hence, money.

Sagittarius Health April 2021

From the health point of view, you have to be careful and alert. Presence of Ketu in twelfth house and the presence of Mars and Rahu in sixth house, may cause some health problems. If you already are suffering from some problem, then first half of the month is not so good for your health, and therefore you have to be careful, and go to doctor if required.

You may suffer from kidney related problems, intestine related, eye related or blood related health issues. You should consult a doctor for these problems, and you will be benefited by his advise and medication. First half of the month will be comparatively better, and you will get rid of old health issues. In all, be careful for your health and go to a doctor, if needed, this will give you relief from your health problems.

Sagittarius Love and marriage April 2021

There may be some problems, in love matters, in the beginning of the month. Mars (which governs fifth house) is present in sixth house with Rahu, and Jupiter is looking to it, therefore, you have to be very careful, because, there is a possibility that you may have arguments with your partner, and this may cause, even separation. To avoid such situation, be calm and have control while talking or while meeting.

In the second half of the month, when on !4th April, Mars will move to seventh house, then, you will have good time and you can sort out all your issues. For married couples, beginning of the month is very good, and there will be good coordination with your life partner. After 14th April, your life partner may get some higher post, and there is a possibility that your spouse may get some important achievement.

Sagittarius Family April 2021

In the beginning of the month, Saturn and Jupiter will be present in the second house, this shows that your family life will be very good. There may be some occasion in the family, which will give the reason for joyfulness in the family. Sun, Venus and Mercury are present in the fourth house and Saturn is looking toward it, this shows that your family will have the luxury and facilities.

There is a possibility that, your mental condition will be like that you will want to control all family members. This may cause some imbalance in the family. You should avoid such situation. Condition will be improved after 14th April, when Sun will make a transition. At this time, there will be love and good coordination amongst the family members. Your mother may face some health problems. On 6th April Jupiter will move to third house, this time will be good for your siblings.

Sagittarius Remedies April 2021

Applying, Saffron or turmeric teeka on forehead will be beneficial.

Plant a banyan tree on Thursday.

Wearing a ruby in your forefinger on Sunday morning, before 8:00 a.m. will be good for you.

Offer holy water, mixed with Kumkum in it, to God Sun daily in the morning, with a copper vessel.

Plan a Rudrabhishek at your home by a Pandit.

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