Sagittarius Tarot May 2021, Sagittarius Tarot Reading Monthly

Truthstar Sagittarius Tarot Reading Monthly predicts what the stars hold of Scorpio for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month. Truthstar provides Free Tarot Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio Prediction By our Tarot expert Sanjana Mittal .

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Free Tarot Sagittarius May 2021

Sagittarius Tarot May – Romance and Relationship

Three of Wands

You are working in beautiful harmony and joy on a new project within your family relationships. There is a brief scare to be handled as the month progresses, but your creativity will prove to be the simple solution to this problem. All up this is a time of joy amongst loved ones.

Sagittarius Tarot May – Career

Four of Pentacles

You have a significant win within your work or career arena. It’s certainly a financial win, but it’s not as a result of gambling or such like. This could be a salary raise, or maybe a grant of some sort to back a project you want to develop. This will be of advantage to you directly, so enjoy it.

Sagittarius Tarot May – Finance

The Lovers

Something to do with your partner or spouse, either past or present, presents a problem to you financially. There is a sadness for you around this issue, but rest assured that your hopes around this situation will come to pass. With some effort on your part, all will work out to the good of all concerned.

Sagittarius Tarot May – Focus of Soul or Being

Page of Wands

You will be choosing to walk away from an unpleasant issue that arises, rather than honouring the matter with your attention. This is a wise choice and it will turn what could have been a battle into a piece of nothing. Your wisdom to ignore an attack turns into an obvious victory for you.

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