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Capricorn Daily Horoscope September 11, 2019 – September 12, 2019

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

Do yourself a favour and keep away from contentious topics of conversation today. That might be anything from religion to politics, with plenty of other potential pitfalls in between. You’ll soon find that you’re up to your ears in a dispute with someone, and the atmosphere will become unpleasant and intimidating. Better to stick to easy subjects such as the weather. Lucky colours are bright yellow and midnight blue. Lucky numbers are 24 and 15.

Thursday, 12 September, 2019

Someone close to you isn’t making much sense today. In fact, they may as well be talking double Dutch, because you can’t make head or tail of any of it. They might be saying something that seems totally far-fetched and ludicrous to you, or they could start talking about one thing and then immediately interrupt themselves and begin to talk about something quite different. Lucky colours are crimson and ochre. Lucky numbers are 15 and 33.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope September 13, 2019 – September 14, 2019

Friday, 13 September, 2019

After the ructions of the last few days, there is a touch of sanity, especially in your house of communications where Venus resides, gracefully harmonizing with Saturn, your ruler. Flow and a little sanity can be restored to your affairs with easy relationships and some good financial management. The Moon’s in Pisces, working away with Venus to soothe troubled breasts and spread gracious light. You can be as charming as you need to be to sort things out. Lucky colours are black and pink. Lucky numbers are 2 and 15.

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Saturday, 14 September, 2019

Today’s Full Moon will give you plenty of food for thought during the next two weeks. You might have to revise your opinion of a local issue or a neighbourhood problem, or you could have complicated discussions with a member of the family. This will also be a good opportunity to write letters or e-mails that are long overdue. Lucky colours are sage green and treacle. Lucky numbers are 10 and 17.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope September 15, 2019 – September 16, 2019

Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Between now and early October you’ll enjoy forging greater links with people who are more influential or wiser than you. This could take a variety of different forms, such as spending a lot of time with a youthful relative or getting to know someone you’ve always considered to be an authority figure. It will be fun, and you’ll enjoy finding some common ground. Lucky colours are strawberry and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 10 and 31.

Monday, 16 September, 2019

This is a perfect day for getting involved in creative and imaginative projects because you’ll throw yourself into them heart and soul. But it won’t be nearly so good if you’re supposed to be concentrating on something that requires an eye for detail because your mind will keep drifting off into more interesting trains of thought, making you lose track of what you’re doing. Lucky colours are fire engine red and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope September 17, 2019 – September 18, 2019

Tuesday, 17 September, 2019

Any form of teamwork will go well today. You’re in a generous mood and will happily give credit where credit’s due, so if someone else has worked wonders you’ll be the first one to congratulate them. Equally, if you’re in the limelight you won’t want to brag about it. You’ll also do well if you’re taking part in a brainstorming session because you’ll have some very constructive ideas. Lucky colours are cherry blossom and peach. Lucky numbers are 1 and 61.

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019

Take care today because a certain relationship could be very deceptive. You might be kidding yourself about the dynamics that are operating between you and a certain person, perhaps telling yourself that everything is great when you know deep down that it’s anything but. If a new partnership starts today it will be very idealistic and romantic, and may not have much to do with reality. Lucky colours are mango and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 22 and 73.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope September 19, 2019 – September 20, 2019

Thursday, 19 September, 2019

It’s a great day for being with people who are on the same wavelength as you because you’ll have a really good time with them. You might decide to go out on a jaunt with some friends, especially if you’re visiting somewhere historical or spiritual, or you could take part in a group activity in which you all share a particular goal. Whatever you do will be fun. Lucky colours are tan and navy. Lucky numbers are 7 and 73.

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Friday, 20 September, 2019

Someone is in a picky and pedantic mood. They’re prepared to argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin if needs be, and will demand that you back up all your arguments with facts while probably airily making all sorts of sweeping statements themselves. Will it annoy you? You bet it will, but it simply isn’t worth getting in a stew about it. Lucky colours are turquoise and apricot. Lucky numbers are 28 and 30.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope September 21, 2019 – September 22, 2019

Saturday, 21 September, 2019

You’re in a very enthusiastic mood today and ready to do something exciting. So what is it going to be? Ideally, it should be something that takes you out of yourself and introduces you to new experiences and ideas. You might even decide to do something that feels quite reckless and daring, or which will certainly set tongues wagging. Lucky colours are sky blue and mauve. Lucky numbers are 1 and 55.

Sunday, 22 September, 2019

What a great day! You could be on the receiving end of a slice of good luck, but don’t just sit around waiting for it to land in your lap or you’ll be disappointed. You’ll have to make your own luck by taking an active part in situations, keeping an open mind and being as adaptable as you can. Do all this, and something really good will happen to you. Lucky colours are peacock blue and ivory. Lucky numbers are 31 and 10.

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