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Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 24 February, 2020 – 01 March, 2020

Mercury will be triggering the neck and shoulder area. This is a week to multitask, so, you can have multiple issues during this week. You need more rest and good food. Your collar bones have become very sensitive, so you have to be very careful with that area. Mercury can bring issues like congestion as well as cold. This is a good time to go to an ENT specialist. Your chest area is activated by Venus. There will be a lot of temptation to have a lot of sweet dishes. You should control that urge otherwise that will increase your blood sugar. Breathing exercises will be ideal during this week.

Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 17 February, 2020 – 23 February, 2020

Your personal life, head and cranium is influenced by Mars. You will have a focus on general health and happiness. There is a lot of energy and stress as Mars is influencing your general health, so minor health issues can come up. So, you can have some emotional concerns and it may affect your happiness. You will try to improve your beauty and happiness. There are chances for arguments with your dear and near ones as well. Your sexual organs and pineal glands are also getting activated. This is a good time to check these organs and their functioning as well. There will be a lot to multitask and that can also bring work related stress.

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Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 10 February, 2020 – 16 February, 2020

There will be a lot of focus on your emotional issues during this week. The full moon will trigger your subconscious mind and that will show your emotional issues very clearly. This moon will aspect the facial organs as well. You may have some concerns related to your sexual organs. You need to take care of your facial organs as well. This is a good time for a dental check-up. This is a complex time for your health, so, you need to take care of that. Your facial organs also will need more strength. This is a good time for dental and eye care.

Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 03 February, 2020 – 09 February, 2020

Mercury will enter the sign of Pisces and it is not happy in this sign. This Mercury will trigger the neck, shoulder, and hands. There will be minor issues like shoulder pain and ear issues can also come up. So, you need to take care of your daily life. There will be a lot to multitask and that can give you work-related stress. You need to make a clear plan for every activity, otherwise, you will mess up with your duties. Venus is in the fire sign of Aries and that will trigger your chest area. This is not an ideal area for Venus. So, acidity related issues can come up. Don’t try any new delicacy during this week.

Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 27 January, 2020 – 02 February, 2020

The solar influence on your head and cranium area will bring some emotional issues or headaches. You should try to pacify yourself, otherwise, you will argue with others. You will have concerns regarding physical as well as emotional issues. Venus will trigger your facial organs as well. That will bring some concern regarding your beauty and vitality also. This is a good time to work for your dental health. You will have to protect your eyes from harsh lights. During this week, you should focus more on nourishment as well. Always have freshly cooked food.

Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 20 January, 2020 – 26 January, 2020

Your facial organs will be very much triggered during this week. The new moon will make those organs very sensitive. You will be concerned about beauty and oral health. Stay away from harsh lights to keep your eyes healthy. Give your eyes, enough rest during this week. This is a good time for a dental checkup. Try not to get into any scandals or issues. Your sexual organs are also active, and you need to keep them clean. Venus is active and it is influencing your neck to the shoulder area. You will have a lot of work and you need to take a lot of rest too.

Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 30 December, 2019 – 05 January, 2020

Mars is moving through the sector for emotional stress, left foot and eye. This is the time for emotional issues, so don’t get into any complex situations. Mars is a fiery planet and it is not ideal to represent your emotions. Play safe and don’t invite more troubles. This is the need of the time, so please move according to the flow. The Sun is moving through the sector for personal life and sexual organs as well. You have to take care of your sexual organs as well. There is nothing wrong with regular check-ups. Since the sector for general health is also activated, you will have minor concerns, which can be very much the part of the transit.

Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 23 December, 2019 – 29 December, 2019

Your personal life and health are transforming a lot these days. You need to take care of your emotional needs. Try to take life in a very practical way. Your reproductive and excretory organs may need more care as well. This is a very good time for healing and yoga as well. Venus is influencing your facial organs too. You may focus more on your dental and eye health. This is a sensitive time for your eyes and it will be good to wash your eyes with cold water. Dental health is also important and this is a good time for oral health. Your personal life is also very sensitive these days.

Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 16 December, 2019 – 22 December, 2019

Your personal life is transforming as well as your relationships. This is a big-time in this year as the Sun is making a move into the sector for your personality and aspecting your sexual organs. Menstrual issues are also possible during this phase. The activation of the pineal gland will help you to meditate and thus get insights. Cold and minor fever is also possible you may feel that your emotions are active. Minor headache and fever are also possible. Your emotional issues are also highlighted so, stay away from all kinds of scandals. Many minor emotional issues can happen according to your approach. Your facial organs are also active with the Venusian influence. You will try to improve your beauty and health.

Capricorn Health Weekly Horoscope 09 December, 2019 – 15 December, 2019

The full moon will rise in the sector for lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, mental faculties, and, kidneys. Your lower abdomen is activated. You can have sugar cravings, but you need to control it. Females may have issues related to their menstrual cycles. The activation on kidneys means, you need to have more water. Your emotional sector is also active, so you may have issues related to general health. This will be part of the transit. However, you need to stay away from intoxicants, otherwise, it can damage your liver.

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