Capricorn Tarot October 2022, Capricorn Tarot Monthly Reading

Truthstar Capricorn Tarot October 2022 Monthly Reading predicts what the tarot cards hold of Capricorn for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month. Truthstar provides Free Tarot Monthly October 2022 Horoscope for Capricorn Prediction By our Tarot expert Sanjana Mittal .

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Free Tarot Capricorn October 2022

Capricorn Tarot October 2022 – Romance and Relationship

Card of the Month – The Star

Your heart has come to a point where it is alive again to hope where matters of love and relationship are concerned. Yet you still seem to have a voice within that gets angry at the thought and would blame you of betrayal of love past. That voice must be hushed, because nothing but joy will come from opening up to a new start.

Capricorn Tarot October Reading 2022 – Career

Card of the Month – Ten of Cups

Recently you cut your losses and walked away from a work situation that no longer held any charm for you. You’d gained all you could from it and it was time to withdraw and start something new. That something new will bring you great contentment and enrichment on many levels. Yet, that little voice spoken of in your above sector of romance and relationship is trying to guilt-trip you about your choices. Know that voice for what it is and win victory over it.

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Capricorn Tarot October 2022 – Finance

Card of the Month – Knight of Swords

You’re actually in a strong and happy position where finances are concerned, but something does arise this month that will have you leaping into the fray to protect that strong financial state. You won’t be distressed because you have both the strength and the knowledge. Nip this in the bud, short and sweet.

Capricorn Tarot October Reading 2022 – Focus of Soul or Being

Card of the Month – The Lovers

Your instincts are driving you to attain more independent thought about matters of religion and spirituality. You will be working to test that which you know innately against that which you have been taught. You will be victorious in this intention, but in incremental steps and over time. You’ll awaken to new understandings.

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