Transit of Rahu in Aries -12th April 2022

Rahu will transit in the Aries zodiac sign on 12 April 2022. The transit will occur at 11.18 AM. Till now, Rahu was in the Taurus sign but on 12th April, it will enter the Aries sign. Rahu is a slow-moving planet. Its motion is always retrograde so it moves backward, that is, one sign behind it. The planet remains in one zodiac sign for 1.5 years before transiting to another sign in a backward movement. The Rahu transit in Aries will impact all Zodiac signs in some or another way. Some signs may get beneficial results and some may suffer due to the transit. Let’s know the impact of the transit on each zodiac sign.

Impact on Aries – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Rahu will enter the 1st house of your Kundli. Aries, you will be peaceful and comfortable during this period. Family relationships will show signs of improvement. Your financial condition will be stable. You may have a problem in taking decisions due to confusion and distraction. You might start something new. There can be muscle pain. The natives will tend to be extravagant and spend money. Avoid spending money on useless things. Your mind may be under an illusion. You may have a problem in planning on things to do and avoid. Personal comfort will increase in your life.

Remedy: Flow an earthen vessel or pot filled with barley in flowing water for four Saturdays continuously.

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Impact on Taurus – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Rahu is entering the 12th house of your Kundli now. Expenditure will be very high and there can be some losses. Taurus natives can spend money on unproductive things. There can be some expenditure on medical bills. Money can be spent on long travels. Relationship with spouse will be good. Intimacy can increase between both of you. The transit is good for students who want to get an education in foreign countries. They can send an application for admission to educational institutions abroad. Some people might get a job in a foreign country. The transit gives you a chance to fulfill your dreams.

Remedy: Apply a tilak of Chandan on your forehead. Use Chandan perfume. Do this daily.

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Impact on Gemini – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Rahu is positioned in the 11th house of your Kundli. Your financial condition will be good. Salary will increase and income will be high. Businesspersons will get high profits. There will be opportunities to expand the business. Income sources will increase. Relationship with elder brother or sister will not be good. You may lose trust in your elder siblings. The relationship will be full of struggles and problems. Trust will be lost even on minor things. Gemini natives can spend money on investments. You will get a good return on big Investments.

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Remedy: Rub the thumb of your hand with a little mustard oil. Do this at night before you sleep.

Impact on Cancer – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Cancer, Rahu is positioned in the 10th house of your Kundli. Working professionals should be careful in the office. There will be an opportunity to switch jobs if you want. Fresh graduates may have a problem finding a job. People who are in a government job may get a transfer. IT professionals will have a good time in their profession. They will get success in the workplace. The public will recognize your work and you will get fame for it. Businessowners will get success in business and high profit. You will get business success in foreign countries. Your business will grow.

Remedy: Give milk to street dogs. Also, feed roti to dogs. Do this daily in the evening.

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Impact on Leo – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Leo, Rahu is entering the 9th house of your Horoscope. Relations with the father will be strained. Money will be spent on travels and there can be some useless and unproductive journeys. You will not get success without doing hard work. You may become pessimistic and can lose faith. Your religious thoughts and beliefs will transform. Love life will be full of struggles. There will be confusion in the workplace. If you want to get a new job, you may have a problem with it. There can be a struggle in finding a new job.

Remedy: Do Abhishek of Shivling with water. Offer fruits on Shivling. Do this every Monday.

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Impact on Virgo – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Rahu will enter the 8th house of your Kundli. Esoteric mysteries will attract you. You will develop the ability to judge people due to a high intuition power. Health will not be good. Chances of injury are there. Personal life and work will be challenging and may need hard work. The transit is good for people who are involved in studies or research. Insurance professionals will do good in their job. They might get some incentive in their workplace. Virgo natives should be careful while doing financial transactions otherwise there can be a financial loss. Someone might cheat you. Invest money in stocks or property.

Remedy: Apply a tilak of Safed or White Chandan on your forehead. Do this daily.

Impact on Libra – Transit of Rahu in Aries

The planet Rahu enters the 7th house of your horoscope. Business owners will face problems with their partners. There are chances of a minor dispute which can affect the business. Married life will have problems as there can be an interference of another person in your relationship. This will put a negative impact on the relationship with the spouse. Libra Single natives will get proposals. However, there can be a problem in choosing a partner. Married natives will plan to travel with their life partners. You may travel for professional reasons also. Your travels will not be beneficial and fruitful for you.

Remedy: Pour water on a Peepal tree. Take care not to touch the tree when you do this.

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Impact on Scorpio – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Rahu is entering the 6th house of the Kundali. Freshers will get success in getting a new job. You will get good offers for a job. Working professionals will get success in their work and office. You may dominate and command in your work. There can be promotions and salary increases. However, there might be some health problems. You may suffer from an eye disorder. There can be an injury. You may undergo surgery. Scorpio natives will be successful in beating their enemies and rivals. Students will get success in competitive exams. They pass competitions successfully.

Remedy: Apply Kesar tilak on the forehead. Do the tilak on the neck also. Do this daily.

Impact on Sagittarius – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Rahu is in the 5th house of your horoscope. The transit is not good for students. You may feel distracted in your studies. There will be a lack of concentration and disturbance. Students will feel mental stress and pressure. There can be a problem in understanding the topics you study. Time is good for those who are in a love relationship. Love relation with partner will become strong. Single natives will enter a new relationship. Sagittarius will take interest in developing and pursuing hobbies. There are chances of earning money from a hobby. Financial condition will be good and you will get high profit.

Remedy: Offer 7 grains to the birds. Do this every day.

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Impact on Capricorn – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Rahu enters the 4th house of your horoscope in this transit. Your mother may have some health problems. Capricorn you need to take care of her. Money will be spent on buying things of comfort, especially things that are useful for the home. Family relationships may be disturbed. Relation with family members will not be good and smooth. Due to this, the family atmosphere will be tense. There can be disputes and problems with family members. Avoid investing your money in property. Don’t buy land during this transit otherwise, you will get cheated. Avoid borrowing money.

Remedy: Immerse coconut in flowing water. Do this on Saturday.

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Impact on Aquarius – Transit of Rahu in Aries

The planet Rahu is positioned in the 3rd house of your Kundli. It will increase your energy and confidence. You will have very high willpower. Businessowners will implement new ideas in their business. People who are in a government job will get a transfer. You will go on short journeys and it will be beneficial for you. Avoid being harsh with friends and siblings. Your relationship with them will get spoilt due to your aggressiveness. Aquarius can plan trips to meet friends and officemates. You will be conscious of fitness and do exercises.

Remedy: Place silver in the purse. This will help in getting financial prosperity.

Impact on Pisces – Transit of Rahu in Aries

Rahu is placed in the 2nd house of your horoscope. Your financial condition will not be good and Pisces will face problems and uncertainty in financial matters. There can be sudden expenditure on something. Your speech and manner of talking can become bitter. Relationship with mother will not be good. Tendency to become diplomatic will increase in you. You may attempt to hide the truth and not speak the truth during the transit. There can be some health problems for you especially diseases related to throat and teeth.

Remedy: Use silver vessels for eating meals. Wear an iron ring in the dominant hand. Wear it on the middle finger.

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