Remedies for Unfavorable Rahu in Vedic Astrology

If in a birth chart Rahu is afflicted or ill posited then one or more of the remedies given in this article can be followed.


Propitiation through Worship: In case Rahu in a birth chart is not favorable to the native then worship the Rahu deity.

Rahudeity image or idol made of lead metal can be worshipped on a Saturday night by lighting a mustard oil lamp (Deepak). After worship donate blue clothes, blanket, sesame (til), mustard oil and iron to a needy person and if possible feed an elephant.

Propitiation through a Yantra: A yantra is an astrological charm which can be worn on the body or kept in the pocket. Get an energised Rahu mantra and on a Saturday night after reciting the Rahu mantra 108 times either wear it on your body or keep it in your pocket after wrapping it in a black cloth.

Propitiation through Herbs: Small pieces of herb of the concerned planet can be put on a thread and worn on the body. These herbs are considered very effective, in reducing the ill effects of the afflicted planet. The herb for Rahu is Shvet Chandan (white sandalwood).

Propitiation through Mantra: Recite any of the two Rahu mantras given below at night time.Recite at least 108 times in one sitting.

• ‘Om raamrahveynamaha’

• ‘Om bhraanbhreenbhronsaharahveynamaha’ namaha’

Strengthening a Weak Rahu

As per common beliefs of Vedic astrologers a gemstone for an unfavorable planet is not recommended. Only if Rahu in a birth chart is favorable but weak in strength then consider wearing a gemstone for Rahu. The main gem for Rahu is Hessonite (Gomayed).

Other substitute gems are brown agate, brown tourmaline, and zircon of same colour. The gemstone should be worn in a ring of panchdaatu (alloy of silver, gold, copper, iron and zinc), wear in the middle finger of right hand. Make sure that the gem touches the skin of the wearer.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar