Your Married Life is in the Lines of Your Palm

The shape and size of hand and the lines on the palm of hand are nature’s indicators of our body, mind and future trends of our destiny…..


Here in this article we will briefly see what the line of Marriage indicates about a person’s marriage and married life:

The Line of Marriage

Look at your right hand and refer as per the sketch-1 below. A distinct short or long line (line marked B)above the heart line, starting from extreme of the palm below the little finger and extending into the palm is the line of marriage.

Any extra short line or lines (such as A and C) here are only indicative of deep affections, or contemplated marriage alliance which never materialises etc. Only a distinct line indicates marriage.

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Some Key Indications of the Marriage Line

The closer the marriage line to the line of Heart earlier the marriage takes place and is not usually delayed.

Happy married life is indicated if the line of marriage is straight and clear without breaks or irregularities.

If the line of marriage curves downwards as shown in Sketch-2 below, the person will live longer than his or her life partner.

If the line of marriage turns upwards as shown in sketch-3 below, the person is likely not to get married at all in life.

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If the marriage line is straight and distinct but has more than one short line falling down from it as shown in sketch-4 below then it indicates many troubles in married life usually brought on by poor health or delicate personality of the partner.

Marriage is likely to get delayed and the partners will be forcibly separated right in the beginning of marriage if the marriage line has an island ( ) in the beginning of line as in sketch 5.

If the island occurs midway on the marriage line as shown in sketch-6 below then it indicates trouble or separation in the middle of married life.

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If the island occurs towards the end of marriage line as shown below in Sketch-7 then the marriage is likely to end in divorce and troubles.

There is much more about marriage indicated by other features on the hand, but in this short article only those indicated by the marriage line are given.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar