Transit of Mars in Aries – 27th June 2022

General Introduction

Mars is going to transit into Aries on June 27, 2022, Monday morning at 5:39 am. In Vedic astrology, Mars is also known as the red planet, which is the Karak planet of the land, army, might, and energy, and this planet is also owned by the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. Apart from this, the Capricorn sign of Shani Dev is his exalted sign, while the Cancer of the Moon is considered to be its low sign. This transit of Mars through Aries is going to be very important. So let us now know in detail that the transit of Mars in Aries will be beneficial for the people of all the twelve zodiac signs.

Impact on Aries – Transit of Mars in Aries

You will recover from old health problems. Aries natives will feel energetic and active in their workplace. This will give you a feeling of positive energy inside yourself. You will have business success. Your spouse will also cooperate openly in your business. Working professionals will do well in their office and will get a promotion. As a result, everyone will appreciate your work at the workplace, and as a result, you will achieve complete success. However, in family life, Aries will need to be most careful about your mother’s health during this period. Your love life will become deep, and you may marry your lover.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Laddu to Lord Ganesha in a temple.

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Impact on Taurus – Transit of Mars in Aries

Your expenses will increase. Avoid involvement in legal troubles, though you will be able to get out of it too. Apart from this, the court case decision will be in your favor. You may have success in foreign travel related to work or settlement abroad. Taurus may have some health problems. You need to avoid all kinds of differences with your siblings. Because only their cooperation will help you achieve your goal easily. You should do business transactions very carefully. There can be good news from your mother’s family side.

Remedy: Always serve your mother and begin any new work only after she has given her blessing.

Worship ‘Tulsi’ for Health, Happiness & Prosperity

Impact on Gemini – Transit of Mars in Aries

Your income will increase, and you will get a profit. If there is any stalled money, then you will get it back. Efforts made by you at the workplace will be successful, and this will also lead to your growth and development. You will get out of court cases. Gemini can be a problem in love relationship. There could be a dispute arising between you and your lover or spouse. There can be problems related to education and health. Be patient and calm. Avoid outside food. Be careful of your health. You may meet old friends or new people.

Remedy: To get the auspiciousness of Mars, always keep a square piece of silver with you.

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Impact on Cancer – Transit of Mars in Aries

You will get a promotion, a salary raise, and career success. Cancer, Any big work of yours will see completion with the help of a colleague at work. Your hard work will be highly appreciated by the boss and the other officers. Avoid involvement in debates and arguments at the workplace. There can be some irritability in your nature. You need to take care of your loved ones and be close to them. Maintain work life balance. Lovers will make their relationship stronger during this transit. Their feelings for each other will be at an all-time high.

Remedy: Take a bath by adding black sesame seeds to the water.

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Impact on Leo – Transit of Mars in Aries

You will become financially strong and will succeed at work. You will get support from your father and siblings. Leo, You may buy a property or make investments. You will get salary raise. Some of you may go on a long-distance journey. Your health will be good. You must make the right decision in every situation with thoughtfulness. Your social life will also improve. Relationship with lover or spouse will be good. As a result, you will spend time with your partner and lover, while you will be able to understand each other better.

Remedy: Before making any major decisions, consult with your father or someone who is similar to your father.

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Impact on Virgo – Transit of Mars in Aries

The transit can be a bit worrying for you. Virgo, You may have health problems. There can be difficulties and struggles in your career. But if you are associated with business, then this transit period will increase your chances of getting some benefits. Married people will have many opportunities to strengthen their relationship with their in laws. Siblings will support you. Adopt healthy food habits for good health. Avoid outside food. The position of Mars in the eighth house can be a bit worrying in terms of your health. Many people are at risk of contracting blood-borne
diseases as a result of its effects.

Remedy: Worship Maa Katyayani and chant her mantras to get auspicious results from this transit.

Impact on Libra – Transit of Mars in Aries

There will be auspiciousness and good profits for the people associated with a partnership. The employed people will also have a chance of getting a promotion. Libra, Married natives may have to face some differences with their spouses. Due to the high workload and pressure at the workplace, you will not be able to give enough time to your spouse. This may cause some tension and misunderstanding in your relationship. You need to be patient. You will see an improvement in your health due to the effect of this transit. To a great extent, you will be able to get rid of your past health problems.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and go to any temple and do the Jalabhishek of Shivling.

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Impact on Scorpio – Transit of Mars in Aries

The transit is good for students. You will succeed in competitive exams or government jobs. The court case will be in your favor. Scorpio, Your enemies and opponents will be active at the workplace and will constantly try to harass you. But you will be able to conquer them due to your understanding and hard work. This transit of Mars will motivate you to work harder. You are going to get good results from your hard work in the future. There can be sudden journeys. Be careful of your health. Try to save money and control your expenses.

Remedy: Read the Hanuman Chalisa, visit the temple, and offer vermilion to Hanuman Ji.

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Impact on Sagittarius – Transit of Mars in Aries

There can be some changes in your nature. Due to your obstinate nature, you may lose some of your precious relationships. Students will work hard while focusing on their goals. The transit is also going to be favourable for students who want to study abroad or are preparing to get admission to any foreign college or school. You need to save money and spend less. Married people should treat their spouse with love, or your changing nature may create some sourness between the two of you. Sagittarius may have some health problems. Take special care of yourself by eating good food.

Remedy: To attain better health, sit in the posture of meditation for 5 minutes daily.

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Impact on Capricorn – Transit of Mars in Aries

You can buy any type of property, and the chances are high that you will get a good profit from that property. You may buy a vehicle. Life partner will cooperate with you and and support you. Maintain a good rapport with your partner. Avoid disputes with lovers and partners. Now talk about family life. Then this trip will give you good support from your siblings. Capricorn will benefit from them. But still, while taking any decision related to your family, you have to try to walk in harmony with them by taking the advice of the members of the household.

Remedy: Taking a bath by adding raw milk to the water will give you the auspicious effect of this transit.

Impact on Aquarius- Transit of Mars in Aries

This transit will make you energetic. You will also get good benefits from your siblings at this time. Aquarius will have success in your workplace. You will get offers for a good job, and this will help you pick up a career. Especially those people who are working in any loan, bank, or any other institution that does the work of giving loans, they are also seeing very good opportunities at their workplace during this period. Transit is good for changing your job. You will be able to get the job quickly and as per your wishes. Performance of students will be good.

Remedy: Light a mustard lamp on the peepal tree every Saturday.

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Impact on Pisces- Transit of Mars in Aries

Your income will increase. You will get the maximum benefit from any property from your family. Pisces will get a profit in the family business. The transit is good for those students who are preparing for competitive exams. In personal life, the health of the spouse of married people can increase their problems. You should take special care of the health of your partner. You are going to get the full support of your father and siblings during this period. But the deteriorating health of the children of the family can give you mental stress. Therefore, you have to take more care of their health during this transit.

Remedy: Worship Bhairav ​​Baba Ji regularly to get happiness and prosperity in family life.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar