Worship of Shree Hanuman Propitiates Saturn

Mars is associated with Shree Hanuman’s birth so Tuesday is considered the day of Hanuman. But how Saturday and its lord Saturn has any link with Shree Hanuman is explained here in this article?


By birth Shree Hanuman is associated with Tuesday and its lord Mars hence we all know that worshipping Shree Hanuman on Tuesdays propitiates the planet Mars. As per a legend the planet Saturn and its weekday Saturday is also associated with Shree Hanuman.

The Legend …

Once upon a time during the reign of Shree Ram, Shree Hanuman was deeply absorbed in meditation upon Shree Ram at a sea coast at dusk.

Lord Shani Dev who was son of the deity Sun (Sooriya Dev) was at that time roaming there and spotted Shree Hanuman. Shani Dev at that time was full of pride of his immense power and ability to cause much trouble to anyone. On seeing Shree Hanuman whom he did not know thought of engaging him in fight. In familiar Indian phrase Shani Dev thought of taking Panga with Hanuman.

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At that time after sunset due to dim light Shani Dev looked dark and fierce. Shani Dev approached Hanuman and challenged him for fight by saying, “O big monkey don’t you know about my prowess, stand up and let me defeat you.”

Shree Hanuman very politely asked, “Who you are and why you are here?” On hearing this Shani Dev proudly said, “I am son of ever-shining and life giving Sooriya Dev, people tremble on just hearing my name,so I wish to test my power on you.”

Shree Hanuman remained composed and requested Shani Dev not to disturb as he was absorbed in meditation on Shree Rama. But Shani Dev became aggressive so Shree Hanuman extended his tail and wrapped Shani Dev with it and started moving around. Due to being dragged around Shani Dev was badly injured and started pleading for mercy.

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Kind hearted Shree Hanuman asked Shani Dev that if he promises never to torture and trouble His devotees only then he will be freed. Shani Dev agreed and thus he got freedom.

Due to bad injuries Shani Dev was crying with pain so he requested Shree Hanuman to massage him with oil. Shree Hanuman was very kind to procure mustard oil and give a healing message to injured Shani Dev. This is how Shani Dev got related with Saturday and oil.

So whenever a person suffers due to malefic effects of Saturn then he or she should worship Shree Hanuman on Saturdays in addition to Tuesdays.

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Easy Procedure for Worshipping Shree Hanuman …

• Offer sindoor (Vermilion) to the idol of Lord Hanuman by chanting, “Aum Shree Ramdut HanumateNamah: Gandham Samarpayami”

• Offer flowers by chanting, “Aum Shree RamdutHanumateNamah: Pushpam Samarpyami”

• Offer incense (dhoop)by chanting, “Aumshree Ramdut Hanumate Namah: Dhoopam Agrapayami”

• Light a lamp in front of Lord Hanuman by chanting, “Aumshree Ramdut HanumateNamah: Deepam Darshayami”

• Offer sweet balls made of jaggery or Gur (gudladdus) to the Lord by chanting,
“AumshreeRamdutHanumateNamah: Naivaidyam Nivedayami”

• After finishing the above procedure sit in a calm place and recite the following mantra 108 times:

“Om Namo Hanumate Namaha”

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar