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Scorpio Scorpio Love Compatibility

The sexual attraction between two intense Scorpions is hot, but the temperature can’t keep rising forever. You two are so much alike, and yet you understand each other so very little. The doubling of the Water Element gives profound emotional power and a lens that magnifies every element of your complex individuality.

This match raises intuition to its greatest heights, or flings it to its greatest depths, but because you are both Fixed Signs, your biggest challenge will come when you face a battle of your individual wills.If you agree on something, great! If not, each one of you is prepared to dig in for as long as it takes to get your own way. Moreover, should one or both of you have a particularly active Mars, you’ll be prepared to employ your poisonous sting. Since you know your own secret weaknesses, you also know your partner’s.Compromise is not a skill either of you care to develop.

Scorpio can be both jealous and demanding. Every minor storm soon blows up into a tornado. Many Scorpions would rather destroy the whole city than let another control the citadel. However, though you hate to compromise, in personal relationships concessions must be made. Make the effort to ensure that you remain on the same team, because there is no more formidable opponent than another Scorpion!

The real value of a Scorpio vs Scorpio match lies in its potential fo r spiritual growth and personal development. Scorpios are loyal and deeply focused, but need to solve considerable inner turmoil. If you love another Scorpion, you must use this potentially shattering relationship to leverage yourselves out and away from the narrow perspective of the dust-dwelling insect, in order to revel in the grand overview of the soaring Eagle, the more enlightened symbol of your Sign.

This combination is very problematic, but can function on a higher plane (as well as in the boudoir) when Moon Signs and other factors are complementary. It’s a recipe for a complete overhaul of both personalities, so if you have the nerve, go for it. If not, find a more pliant companion before something nasty happens.