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Special Astrology Prediction 2016


How to Raise Vibrations of your House Environment

Here is a procedure for clearing the house environment of ne...

Some Malefic Yogas of Astrology

There are hundreds of Yogas or combinations in Vedic astrolo...


Planet Jupiter Can be Your Savior

A strong and well-placed Jupiter in a birth chart is capable...

Yogakaraka Planets

A Yogakaraka planet as per Vedic astrology is believed to ha...

Love & Relationship

George Washington Fell in Love with His Best Friend’s W...

It was the close conjunction of Venus with Saturn in George ...

Valentine’s Day- Celebration of Love

The month of February brings a lot of romantic moments for y...


Lucky Bamboo Plant Attracts Health, Wealth and Happines

The lucky bamboo is one of the most popular FengShui item fo...

Permeate Your Home with Happiness

Here are a few steps which if followed will saturate your li...

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Yoga Can Transform You

*The World Celebrates Yoga Day on 21st June* Understand the true meaning and purpose of Yoga. Let this ‘Yoga Day’ tempt you to understand Yoga and initiate you on the path of abundance and freedom. The word Yoga is very popular th...

Yogakaraka Planets

A Yogakaraka planet as per Vedic astrology is believed to have a powerful and positive impact on the life of the individual concerned. It could be a probable source of success and elevation in life. As per the principles of Vedic ...

The Secret (Gupt) Navratras

Navratras are very auspicious nights during which one can get assured results of worship. Two periods of Navratras are well known among Hindus but the remaining two called “Gupt” are not so popular.…. The festival of Navratras or ...

Eid ul Fitr

Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated by the people of different faiths at the end of Ramjan month. Basically, it is the festival of Muslims which promote brotherhood. People put Rojas as continues fast for a month just to remember God is the...