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The Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali – was originally created by the Hindu Saint Tulsidas, who was born in Rajpur in Uttar Pradesh in the sixteenth century. Famed as a poet and believed to be an incarnation of Valmiki, the author of the ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana, Tulsidas is one of the most beloved.
Human beings are subject to subtle energies that influence our attitudes, behaviour and health. These energies can be controlled and redirected for our benefit in our environment, whether at home or at workThe study and implementation of this art is called Feng Shui. Uma Shankar gives us a
In our life we come across different types of situations. Some are good and some cause great problems. We often experience sufferings, face problems, fight with them and ultimately seek sense of fulfilment. The course of life is determined by the effects of the stars, their combinations.
It is a science of studying numbers. Every alphabet is given a number and by summing the alphabets of any name we get a total. vibrations of the name number and the total are good or bad for us!The day we are born our birth date number rules on us and give us all positive vibrations. The day we get a name.
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