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Cancer Daily Horoscope November 07, 2019 – November 08, 2019

Thursday, 07 November, 2019

Trust your natural telepathic abilities today and listen to your gut feelings if all else fails. Romantic relationships may stumble as misunderstandings abound, but this can be avoided by listening with your heart. Your children are also trying to communicate with you, so pay close attention to both what they say and what they don’t say. Lucky colours are maroon and tan. Lucky numbers are 5 and 36.

Friday, 08 November, 2019

Your career goals and personal ambitions come into focus as the Moon enters your tenth house of reputation and you may be quite the pioneer in your chosen field. Socially you can make a great deal of progress too, as long as you remember to be just as diplomatic in public as you are at home. The Powers That Be are watching you, so be on your best behaviour! Lucky colours are garnet red and heather grey. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.

Cancer Daily Horoscope November 09, 2019 – November 10, 2019

Saturday, 09 November, 2019

You may receive kudos from your superiors or important people in your community and the Moon blends with the Venus to encourage rewards in relationships. This has the potential to be a wonderful time for you. Look for growth-encouraging opportunities that will pay off in the new year. Lucky colours are basic black and silver. Lucky numbers are 17 and 35.

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Sunday, 10 November, 2019

You could be the victim of friendly fire in the office, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open. If you’re not there to represent yourself, someone may misrepresent you. It’s nothing personal, but just what happens when people assume things. Make your presence felt – let people know who you are and what you stand for! Lucky colours are amethyst purple and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 4 and 13.

Cancer Daily Horoscope November 11, 2019 – November 12, 2019

Monday, 11 November, 2019

If you’ve been troubled lately, now’s the time to seek a friend’s counsel. Even just a little tea and sympathy will be nice, so plan to have lunch with someone simpatico. Everyone needs to spend a little time with someone who won’t judge them; Cancer is often wonderful at giving this sort of unconditional affection but often has a harder time seeking it out. Accept a little TLC… you need it now. Lucky colours are bright orange and lime green. Lucky numbers are 24 and 31.

Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

The Taurus Full Moon occurs in your eleventh house of friends and associates, bringing matters to a head among groups. Your ideals could be affected over the next few days, as personal changes begin to be more apparent. You may say good-bye to old friends and hello to new ones, good- bye to old dreams and hello to new goals. Lucky colours are shell pink and sparkling green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 18.

Cancer Daily Horoscope November 13, 2019 – November 14, 2019

Wednesday, 13 November, 2019

Enjoy a quiet day as you begin your low lunar cycle. It’s time to reflect upon the events of the past month and decide where you go from here. Avoid people who are upsetting to you and stay close to the places you feel comfortable in as you recharge your spiritual batteries. Put your favourite music on the stereo, light some candles and create your own heaven on earth. Lucky colours are midnight blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.

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Thursday, 14 November, 2019

The secretive Moon moves through Gemini and your solar twelfth house so it will help if you try to slow the pace of things today. Step back from the hustle and bustle. Take time for your inner process. Give attention to spiritual matters or creative projects. Rest if you need it. You will benefit immensely if you can get a good rhythm of work and rest that allows you to reassess things as you’re going. If you’re too pushed, you might find yourself drifting away or losing concentration. Lucky colours are violet and magenta. Lucky numbers are 7 and 19.

Cancer Daily Horoscope November 15, 2019 – November 16, 2019

Friday, 15 November, 2019

Just hold yourself a little in check today. The Moon is in Gemini and your solar twelfth house so you may not be feeling at your most brilliant or resilient. Work difficulties or a minor health matter may trouble you. You could be emotionally overloaded so if you need to let off steam, do so, but don’t pick any innocent bystanders to take out your frustrations on. That aside, a good scream and a cry could be the best thing in the world for the overstressed crustacean, boiling away in the shell. Lucky colours are green and grey. Lucky numbers are 4 and 34.

Saturday, 16 November, 2019

You’re a butterfly emerging from a cocoon as your high lunar cycle begins today. People will notice your charm and magnetism and be attracted to you, so if there’s something you want, ask for it now! You should have all the strength and energy you need to accomplish your objectives. Move forward in confidence and with courage! Lucky colours are blush pink and rose red. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.

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