Tulsi can protect from Vaastu Dosh!

Tulsi can protect from Vaastu Dosh!

Vaastu Dosh – Tulsi plant is very useful and it is full of medical traits. In earlier days it was being planted in the courtyard of each and every house. In Indian culture Tulsi is still very essential, it is known by different names.

Vaastu Dosh

Among all “Shwet” and “Shyam” are the most famous. These are also called Van (forest), Ram and Shyam (black) or Krishna Tulsi. This has different varieties which are available everywhere. Diagonal plant with big leaves called “Van Tulsi”. Plant with small green leaves have been named as “Ram Tulsi” and with blackish brown color Tulsi is called as “Shyam” or “Krishna Tulsi”

Tulsi is an important content of the “Prasad” and “Charnamrit”(offering of worship). It can be recognized very easily by its unique fragrance. “Shyam Tulsi” or “Black Basils” is also identified as a plant with the quality of Antioccident. It is also very helpful to fight with the “Free-Redicals” and is used for anti aging which helps to slow down the aging process of the body. It helps to relieve tension because of the presence of Adaptogenic chemical.

Benefits of Tulsi

A house build on the basis of Vastu Shastra brings good health, wealth and happiness. However, if due to some reasons any part of the home is not built by following the Vastu Shatra’s principle, in this case Tulsi can certainly play very important role to vanish all the Architectural defects.

In this situation if there is any Vaastu Dosh found in home Tulsi must be planted on the same direction. Like every Plant or Foliage, Tulsi exists many Micro-nutrients. However it is also exists mercury, which is having Metal and liquid attributes and because of these metallic characteristics it works as an exclusive detersive.

Tulsi is also capable to work as air ionizer. It purifies air and revert it back to the affected Vaastu Dosh area; area is being purified and filled up with the positive energy. The Blue Green energy circles are the evidence of the positive AURA of the Tulsi, which helps to prevent from the Vaastu Dosh of the area very easily because of its property of the construction of the high spiritual power area. At present where it is impossible to move a single brick in a multistory building’s flat, Tulsi has been proven as a blessing.

Remove Vaastu Dosh

In order to avoid the harmful affects of the Vaastu Dosh on health, one or more Tulsi must be planted in each balcony of the flat. By taking it in tea it works as a medicine and prevent from cough, bile and gastric problems. It produces light yellowish, green-transparent oil, by dipping it in cotton lint and keeping it in drawing room, place of worship or in study room it works as an Aroma Therapy and gives positive Vaastu energy.

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