Wealth Giving Items – Tulsi, Rudraksha Bead, Gomati Chakra, and more

Wealth Giving Items – Nature holds all sorts of items in her vast bosom. Some items as described here are instrumental in attracting wealth:

Wealth Giving Items

Basil Plant (Tulsi):

A basil plant is easily available everywhere and it is an embodiment of the goddess of wealth (Lakshami).

Keep a potted basil plant in the middle part of house if it is uncovered or at the main entrance inside your premises. Keep the plant in healthy state by timely pruning and watering etc.

Rudraksha Bead:

It is believed to be originated from the tears of Lord Shiva hence considered very pious. Many type based on the number of visible lines on its surface are available. Some varieties such as the one with single line are very expensive. The one with five lines (Panchmukhi) is the cheapest so go for that. On a Monday or Thursday hold it in your hand and recite the mantra, “Om Namaha Shivaye” 108 times and then either wear it in a black thread around your neck or hang it in a white thread in the northwest corner of your bedroom.

Gomati Chakra:

It is a natural stone obtained from the Gomati River in India. Spread a piece of red colored silk or cotton cloth in your place of worship before an image or idol of Lakshami and place 11 Gomti Chakras on the red cloth. Everyday worship by applying spot of Saffron +Sandalwood paste on the chakras, also sit calmly and recite 108 times the mantra, “Om Shri Shriaye Namaha”

Ekakshi Coconut:

After peeling the outer covering normally on the hard skin of the coconut three markings are found. But on some only two markings representing a mouth and ‘a single eye’ (Ekakshi) is there this type is called Ekakshi Coconut.

Wrap it in a red cloth and place it in your place of worship and daily worship it by applying Sindoor (Red lead Oxide) and Kumkum.

Article by:Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar