How to find the direction of life partner’s city/ village?

How to find the direction of life partners city/ village?

Direction of Life Partners – In this article I will guide you to find the distance of spouse’s town/ city from the native’s house. Generally peoples who are married have three types of distances to their spouse’ town/ city.

Direction of Life Partners

1. Same city or short distance. (Up to 250 KM)
2. Medium distance. (From 250 Km to 1000 Km)
3. Long distance. (Above 1000 Km)

Mathematical Method to calculate the distance of spouse’s home is as follows

First find out the sign by adding the degrees of 7th lord and degrees of Venus. If total comes more than 12, subtract 12 from the result. The Sign which we get after adding is very significant for finding the direction. If the sign is in fixed sign’s navmansh than the distances will be very near or in the same city or town, if it is in Movable sign’s Navmansh than the distance of spouse city will be far away from the native’s city/town and if it is in dual sign’ Navmansh than the spouse’s town /city will be of medium distance.

Let us understand it by the help of an example. Here I am providing the birth chart of a native who was married from a nearby place.

Date of Birth 02 Jul 1965
Time of birth: 04:00
Place of Birth: Goverdhan (MatPlace of Birth: Goverdhan (Mathura)


In this chart 7th lord MIn this chart 7th lord Mars Sphut is 05,08,05,06 and Venus sphut is 03,07,52,26. After adding both we get 08,15,57,52 resultant rashi is Sagittarius which falls in Leo’s navmansh. Leo is a fixed Sign so distance of the spouse of this native should be very near. The town of this native’s wife is only 5 Km away from native’s village which is proving the rule. Hence you can also find out the distance of any native’s spouse town / city.

Article by: Pandit Acharya Ram Hari Sharma

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