Gemini Horoscope 2022

Gemini Horoscope 2022

Horoscope of Gemini for 2022 reveals all changes or achievements in the life of natives in the year. On April 13 2022, Jupiter will transit in the 10th house of Pisces and north lunar node will transit in Aries 11th house on April 12. On April 29, Saturn will enter Aquarius sign in 9th house and on July 12 after being retrograde to Capricorn 8th house.

This year will bring negotiations in agreements and if you wish to complete work without wasting time then you need to keep in mind that what is to achieve and what is correct. It is advised that work more and speak less.

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This year mercury’s condition to bring out problems in your love life. Month of January, creates opportunities in your work area, which pull you out of your comfort zone Transit of Jupiter in 10th house in the month of April will improve your income and lifestyle.

Taurus in month of June, will bloom your love life with fragrance.

Love and affection towards your love Saturn will be in 8th House by the end of the year, brings attainment and recognition for your work.

Gemini Love Life 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year love life of the natives will be great. This will be full of energy and excitement. Jupiter will excite them emotionally and enthusiasm will be seen in love. Those who want to get closer to their partners again will enjoy the improvement. Single natives who haven’t started their family, may meet their soulmate this year.

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Gemini Career 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, there will be mixed results this year. To get success, you need to work hard. Due to the placement of Saturn in 8th house, you can face problems because of your competitors but your daily routine won’t affect. Your management will demand high quality work for which you need to work even harder. Natives need to save their positions and prove the decrease in quality of work depends on the external factors.

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Gemini Education 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year is going to be great in terms of education. dedication and hard work will give you results. Students willing for higher education will get placed in reputed colleges and institutions. Students preparing for competitive exams will get success after second week of April.

Gemini Financial 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year natives will get desired results. Owner of business house Jupiter, will transit to career house. As a result, you will definitely get success in your career. Jupiter will help to increase tour wealth but due to Saturn in your 8th house, you need to make more efforts. During October to November, unexpectedly you will get money from your previous job which you haven’t received.

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Gemini Family 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, you will dedicate your time to your family this year and your family life will be full of happiness. You can purchase households according to your need. You can organize auspicious occasions in your family too and this will help to make your family even closer with positive environment.

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Gemini Children 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, due to the combination of Jupiter and Saturn in 5th house, this year will be auspicious with the perspective of children. Newly married may get good news. Your children may get placement in reputed institutions for higher education.

If your child is at marriageable age, they may get married this year. After April, duration is quite tough. This year will be moderately auspicious for your second child. Be cautious of your children’s activities as they can land you in trouble. If your child works hard, then they might get their desired results and can get chance to study abroad.

Gemini Marriage Making 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year will cause trouble in terms of marriage because mars is significator of marriage. But as the first quarter will pass, positive aspect set by Venus will give you better results in marriage. Love and romance will increase because Venus will bring great time with quite ups and downs.

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Gemini Business Bonus 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year will better than average in context with business. Business related natives might expect big profits this year. If natives are thinking of getting new business projects, then it is advised to work on it during second half of the year. Be cautious during money transaction and take advises from someone experienced before signing any deal.

During second quarter, you will earn goodwill and your business partner will have an option of improving the skills by taking relevant courses. It is advised to be aware from fraud partnerships because you could get connected with fraudsters. Overall, due to your hard work and commitment you can get profit of a good business life.

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Gemini Property and Vehicle 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year will be moderately auspicious in terms of property because this year your financial condition will be good. You will have luxuries all this year because of Saturn in your 11th house. After April, due to 7th aspect of Jupiter in your 2nd and 4th house, you will get gems and jewelry along with land, house, and vehicle.

Gemini Wealth and Profit 2022

Along with it, Jupiter will support you in all your financial leads and during first six months, to achieve you will give an edge-to-edge competitions. Later, it moves to that region of chart that symbolizes thoughts, conversations, messages, and small tours. It is advised to confirm that you have all your valuable possessions and along with it don’t hesitate to take help from your partner in finance. If you wish to buy something big and important then look for the best offer available.

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Gemini Happy Health 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year will be weak in terms of health because of the aspect of Saturn in 8th house and dragon’s tail (ketu) in 6th house in the beginning of the year. This year, be more cautious towards your food and living lifestyle otherwise due to position of planets, blood or air related ailments would disturb you. You can suffer diseases due to high fat food. It is advised to change your food habits timely.

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Gemini Lucky Numbers 2022

Gemini is ruled by mercury, and lucky number for mercury ruled natives is expected to be 06. According to the horoscope 2022, this year will be moderate for you and you will succeed in every field. This year’s planetary effect on Gemini is very positive due to the placement of Jupiter in inauspicious house and along with it, this year is rules by number 6.

Your lord mercury will be in a friendly region so this duration will be great and auspicious for you. This will give correct and positive energy to move further. Your intelligence and commitment with some difficulties, will take you to new heights of you career.

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Gemini Astrological Remedies 2022

• For empowering the stone, after proper rituals wear green emerald or green sapphire in gold ring or pendant
as this gem suits you.
• After getting rituals performed, worship Shani Yantra.
• For successful business, put a red vase on the south direction of your workplace.
• For job, tie a piece of turmeric stick in yellow cloth and keep it in your office bag.
• For happy married life decorate your room with red and yellow colors..

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