Will your Love Affair Turn into Marriage?

Will your Love Affair Turn into Marriage?

Not all Love affairs culminate into a lifelong alliance through marriage. Let us see what astrological indications are for love affair turning into marriage.

Love Affair

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship,
Communion or company, than a good marriage”

– Martin Luther King

Love marriage is not new to Indian culture; it has existed since ages and used to be called GandharvVivaha.

Through love at first sight it could be the workings of nature to unite two persons due to karmic bonds. But most love affairs turn out to be infatuations, which do not last long enough. Here we wish to see what astrology says about the possibility of a love affair turning into marriage.

The main house of marriage is the 7th house but in addition to this the 2nd house of family and the 11th house of friendship and fulfillment also come into the picture. In case of arranged marriages the interaction may start through the 2nd and 11th houses and then the alliance is finalised through the 7th house

The 5th House of Love affair, Romance and Relationship …

The 5th house represents pleasures, romance, music, dance, entertainment, amusement, places of amusement, Love-affairs, success in love affairs, courtship or dating, attraction etc. So if an association between a boy and girl starts with love then the 5th house is involved.

But whether or not the love affair will materialise into a marriage alliance depends upon the association of the 5th with the 7th house.

While thinking about any real life example of love affair turning into a marriage even in difficult situations like that with an already married person one naturally thinks about the film star Hema Malini. So let us see what her chart indicates.

Birth Chart of Film Star HemaMalini (Basanti of film Sholay)…


Hema Malini’s love affair started with Dharmendra in early part of the year 1975 on the sets of the blockbuster film Sholay. At that time she was running the sub- period (AntarDasha) of Moon in the main period (Mahadasha) of Mercury.

Please note that Moon in her chart is placed in sign of Jupiter and Nakshatra of Saturn. As the 5th lord Mars is also in the Nakshatra of Saturn so love at first sight turned into a lasting love affair. Also at that time Jupiter was transiting in the Pisces sign over natal Moon and aspecting the ascendant and the 5th house.

The 5th lord Mars is placed in its own house making it strong. Mars falls in the constellation of the 7th lord Saturn, thus establishing a relation between the 5th the house of love affairs and 7th the house of marriage. Also, the 5th cusp falls in the constellations of the 7th lord Saturn.

The 7th lord is placed in the 2nd house and is conjunct the 11th lord and significator of marriage and love Venus.

Thus, all the marriage houses viz. 2nd, 7th and 11th are linked.

Her love affair with the film star Dharmendra turned into their marriage in the year 1980 during sub-period (Antardasha) of Jupiter in the main-period (Mahadasha) of Mercury.

Mercury is in the Nakshatra of Rahu which is placed in the sign of 5th lord Mars and aspects Mercury. At that time Jupiter was transiting in the Leo sign over 2nd house and Saturn and Venus.

It is typical of Cancer born persons to be devoted and loyal towards their partners and Hema Malini has proved that. Her Sun sign is Virgo and Virgos do not seek a temporary relation rather a permanent one through marriage.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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