Disease and Suffering due to Previous Karma

The 5th house in a birth chart is the basis of this life as per the previous Karma of the native.

Previous Karma

Whether the current life will be healthy and easy going or full of hardships and ill health has been decided by previous Karma and is reflected in the Birth Chart with the signs and placement of planets.

The 8th house in a chart is the house of life span and Saturn is its signifier. The significator of the 5th house of previous Karma is Jupiter. The 6th house is the house of disease.

As per the branch of astrology called the ‘NadiJyotish’ the previous bad Karma is manifested in the current life with the help of Rahu. So in such cases the periods and sub-periods of Rahu may bring disease and suffering.

Indications of Previous Bad Karma causing Disease and Suffering:

•The 6th house is the house of disease so when the 8th lord is associated with the 6th house then disease comes

•If the 5th house has more Sarvashtak Varga points then it indicates that previous bad Karma is yet to be worked out.

•Very strong 5th and 8th houses are indicative of previous Karma yet to be worked out.

•If the 5th house or its lord and the 6th house or its lord is affected by Saturn and Jupiter then disease due to previous Karma can be expected.

•In all above situations if the ascendant or its lord is also afflicted and weak then the chances of disease are more.

•Retrograde Saturn as 8th lord aspecting 5th and 6th lords or houses may cause disease due to previous Karma.


In case of such indications and disease one should get an expert’s advice in order to pin point the reason. In case such suffering is due to some previous curse then many remedial measures are available which an expert can suggest based upon the actual problem.

In general in order to mitigate the effects of previous bad Karma and to create a smooth road ahead one should strengthen the 9th house which is the house of present Karma.

Fill your life with positive thoughts and actions and work selflessly for the betterment of others so that previous bad Karma is written off and positive destiny is created.