How to Raise Vibrations of your House Environment

How to Raise Vibrations of your House Environment

Here is a procedure for clearing the house environment of negative energies and raising the vibrations for increased peace and tranquility.A clairvoyant person viz. the one with ability to see with the third-eye can see thought forms as clusters of clouds sticking with the walls and ceiling of a building. These are negative or positive thought forms created as a result of thinking patterns of the dwellers.

House Environment

Positive thought forms create an environment of peace and tranquillity whereas negative thought forms lend tenseness, confusion and uncertainty.

The negative vibrations can be removed and vibrations of positivity can be enhanced by a method as described below:

Fire or Agni as Nature’s Purifier

Fire or Agni is the best cleanser or purifier [Worship Agni (Fire) to Spark-up your daily Life]. Fire rites are always a part of all auspicious Hindu rituals and ceremonies. In the following procedure coloured candles as per the table -1 are used in order to get the desired results.

Table-1: Colour of the candle corresponding to the result desired.

The Desired Result

Candle Colour

For Power, Energy, Protection, Health and courage


For Health and Creativity


For Wisdom and Understanding


For Harmony, Balance and Growth


For Peace of mind and Health

Light Blue

For Romance, Happiness and Love


For Purity of mind and mental balance


For eliminating negative forces



1. Whatever results you desire write it down on a piece of paper in clear and to the point language. This will be then your mantra.

2. Select a calm place in your premises. The light should not be too bright. Sit comfortably. On an altar before you light a candle of the colour as per your desired results. Read the mantra written by you three times then place that paper on a metal platform and place a piece of camphor over it and apply flame to the paper.

Then throw away the contents outside your premises.

3. While the candle burns completely sit calmly facing the candle and visualising that the negative effects are clearing and the environment is charging up with the required results.

4. Repeat this procedure for a couple of days or till results materialise.

Agni mantra for fast Results

In addition to the above procedure you may also recite the following mantra 108 times once a day at dusk for at least seven days:

“Aum Mahajwalaye Vidmahe
Agnidevaye Dhimahi
TannoAgnihPrachodayat Aum”

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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