Get rid of Negative Energy

Negative Energy – All space is filled with energy. We live in a world of duality; there have to be two extremes. You cannot imagine a battery with just one pole; there have to be negative as well as positive.

negative energy

Even the ultimate power (God) has two aspects viz. The positive, we all know as God and the negative we know by different names such as Shaitaan or Satan.

The space or environment of your house may have areas of negative and areas of positive energy. You can easily identify which is which.

How to Identify …

Well it is simple, the places in your house where you feel comfortable, relaxed and free of anxiety are filled with positive energy and areas where you feel the opposite viz. tensed up and uncomfortable are full of negative energy.

How to Cure? …

We give here two easy ways of space clearing or getting rid-of the negative energy.

1. Place a lighted piece of Camphor on a big spoon, hold the spoon from its handle with your right hand and move around your premises especially all corners and in particular the areas where you feel uncomfortable. In the end place safely the still lighting piece outside your main entrance. (For safety ensure the piece blows off on its own). Do not try to blow it of rather let it blow of on its own. You can repeat this procedure weekly or monthly as per your requirement.

2. In order to ward off the negative energies and fill a space with positive and uplifting energies regularly light a red coloured candle and as you do so mentally or loudly repeat,

‘Let this place be filled with peace and wellbeing, let the power of fire (Agni) purify and raise the vibrations of this place’

By lighting different coloured candles you can get different results as given in the following table:

Colour of The Candle

Expected Result


Purity, Simplicity,


Clears the space of guilt, regret and negativity


Gives Intelligence, communication, concentration and movement


It gives Stimulation, luck, attraction and strength


It gives Prosperity, understanding, confidence, honours and cosmic influences


You get Harmony, love and affection


There is Passion, energy, courage


Gives Healing, inspiration, wisdom, honours


Helps in Meditation and cleansing


Increases Spirituality, inner harmony and wisdom


You get Abundance, renewal, healing, love of nature


Good for elder members of family, stability, home and wealth

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Article by: JyotirvidPawan Kumar

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