Worship Agni (Fire) to Spark-up your daily Life

Worship Agni (Fire) to Spark-up your daily Life

Worship Agni – As per the Hinduphilosophy everything in this world is created out of the five basic elements viz. Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Vaayu (Air), Agni (Fire) and Aakash (Ether).

Worship Agni

In our physical body these elements are in different proportions. Their role is illustrated in the following table:

Element (Tatva)What it DoesSense with which it is linkedOrgan with which it is linkedRelated Chakra
Prithvi (Earth)Gives SoliditySmellNose and AnusMuladhaara
Jal (Water)Gives Attractive PowerTasteTongue and GenitalsSwadishthana
Vayu (Air)Gives MovementTouchSkin and HandsAnahata
Agni (Fire)Gives EnergySightEyes and FeetManipura
Aakash (Ether)Fills all spaceHearing, SoundEars and Vocal chordVishudha

Agni the Source of Our Energy

In this article we are focusing on the Agni Tatva only. It is important because energy is very essential for living a zestful and meaningful life.

The Truth about ‘Fire in the Belly’

Our Management experts often speak of having a “Fire in the Belly”, which means to have an unquenchable urge for achievement. Well what a truth in this saying, the place of this tatva in our body is the umbilicus or in other words the Manipura Chakra located in the belly.

What Our Scriptures Say about Agni (Worship Agni)?

The Vedas, considered the original source of all knowledge contain mantras about Agni. Here are the two mantras of the Veda called Saamveda:


Worship Agni : This mantra says: ‘O God (Agni), the giver of all matter and preacher of duties come and appear in our hearts or yajna to give us wisdom, the best pious matters and mind’


This mantra says:‘O God (Agni) you are the lord of all types of yajnas in other words you are established in mankind as the learned of Vedas’
There are many mantras on Agni in the Veda called Rigveda. We quote here one of the mantras which in fact is the first mantra of this Veda:


In Rigveda: Agni is one of the three supreme deities of the Rig Veda, viz., Agni, Vayu and Surya. These three Gods preside over earth, air and sky respectively.

This mantra says: ‘O Agni, I adore Thee,
O priest, O divine minister who officiates at the divine Sacrifice,

Who is also the invoker, the Summoner,
Who most bestows the divine wealth upon us’

Apart from the Vedas Agni is described in Puranas (Hindu Scriptures) as well. The text of the Purana called ‘Agni Purana’ is believed to be dictated by the deity ‘Agni’ directly to the famous sage Vashishtha. Another Puranaknown as the ‘Vishnu Purana’ describes Agni as the eldest son of Lord Brahma who was married to ‘Swaha’

The Christian Belief …

Christianity considers Fire (Agni) as the transforming energy of the ‘Holy Spirit’ or the ‘Holy Ghost’. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God.

A Technique to Spark-Up Your Daily Life …

Sit comfortably facing east. Draw the curtains so that the room has dim light. Place a lighted candle at eye level at about three feet from you. Focus your eyes at the center point of the flame. Keep your eyes open till you feel tired and no more able to keep the eyes open. Then close the eyes and focus your attention on the Manipura Chakra viz. the Umbilicus. Visualize (Imagine) a tiny spark at that point and let it slowly grow in brightness and then turn into a flame.
Pray to the deity:“Oh Agni Deva let me be as dynamic as YOU. Give me good digestion and a constant inspiration to achieve my goals in life”

Bow in respect to the Agni deity and proceed for your daily routine.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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