Time to Block Negative Energy from Past

Most of us have negative Karmic ties with the past.On 16th September 2016,on the no Moon day falling during this year’s Pitru Paksha (Fortnight of Ancestors), you have a chance to severe these ties.

Negative Energy

It is a 16 lunar-days period during which every year Hindus pay homage to their ancestors. Pitru Paksha literally means a ‘fortnight of ancestors’.

As per the common belief Shraadh is performed on the lunar date during this period on which one’s ancestor died and in case the date is not known then on the last day which happens to be a no Moon day (Amavasya) the Shraadh for that ancestor can be performed. This Amavasya is also called ‘Sarva Pitra Moksha Amavasya’.

You may, as per your family tradition and belief, perform the Shraadh for your dear ancestors in the way you have been doing before. But in addition to that, follow the procedure suggested here, as this is in a broader context and capable of severing your unwanted ties with negative energies of the past.

Negative Ties with the Past

A soul ascends as attached to a physical body in order to accomplish certain tasks. The memory of all plans made before incarnating on this world is in one’s subconscious mind. As one’s conscious mind is unaware of this pre-birth plan one gets involved in many unwanted Karmic ties due to one’s wrong thoughts and actions. These karmic ties may be positive or negative depending upon the nature of concerned thoughts and actions.

The negative ties keep us earth-bound through forced rebirths and impede our evolution. So for our freedom or emancipation (Moksha) the sooner these ties are severed the better. A conscious effort in this direction on this day will help us gain strength and determination to get rid of our negative traits (doshas) at fast pace.

Special Procedure

On 15th September 2016 night keep a copper pot filled with water and two or three fresh basil leaves (tulsi leaves) beside your bed. On 16th September morning at sunrise offer that water to the rising Sun and sprinkle some of it throughout your premises. Then on this day perform the following special procedure during 11:30 to 12:30 PM.

Set an altar on a table or shelf. Spread white cloth and place a photo or idols of Maa Durga (Divine Mother) in a plate keep 250 gm. ChannaDaal and 250 gm. Black til. Light a pure ghee or oil lamp (Diya) and an incense stick or Dhoop.

Sit facing this altar in a comfortable posture; take a couple of smooth slow and long breaths. Sit quietly, close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing, just watch your breath, this will calm you down.

Visualise yourself facing a live form of the Divine Mother pray to Her to free you from your past ties. Accept all your wrong doings and pray to Her to give you strength to get rid of your negative traits which are there due to your negative past ties.

Recite the mantra for five, ten minutes with full concentration, “Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Shakti RoopainSansthita, Namastasyeyi, Namastasyeyi, NamastasyeyiNamoNamaha”

Give the Channa Daal and Til to a needy person or alternately immerse in a river, lake or pond of water.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar