Stay Healthy with Feng Shui Tips

The Chinese science of Feng-Shui is more an art than science and to talk from experience of many Feng-Shui is the true ‘Art of Life’. Let the easy to follow five steps take you closer to the reality of Health and Happiness.


Have faith in the ancient art of Feng-Shui and live with abundant health and happiness.

• Avoid Entry of Negative Energy

You may be taking all precautions for keeping the inside of your house free from negative energy but not giving any thought to unintentional entry of negative energy. Most common mode of entry of negative energy is through your shoes. It would be better to keep the shoes outside in the gallery at the main entrance and avoid taking these to your sitting room and bed rooms etc. Use separate slippers or shoes for wearing inside your house.

All day you have been to various places and your shoes gather different energies and most of these are energies of tension, aggression, dissatisfaction, anxiety and confusion.

• Breathe Easy with Fresh Air

The art of Feng-Shui is based upon the basic elements of nature and fresh air is not only one of them but most essential for our healthy living. Indian ancient wisdom reveals that fresh air is laden with plenty of subtle energy called ‘Prana’. Free flow of ‘Prana’ inside the house would automatically replace negative energies and charge up the place with vibrations of health and happiness.

Important step in bringing in fresh air is to make way for expulsion of stale air by use of exhaust fans etc.

• Let the Premises Brighten up with Natural light

The rejuvenating rays of the Sun kill negative vibrations of anxiety, sorrow, suffering etc. Let plenty of natural day light enter your premises. This step is very essential for charging up the place with positive health giving energy.

• Electrify the Environment with Sounds of Nature

The sounds of nature such as chirping of birds, water falls, movement of wind and waves at sea etc. play an important part in keeping you relaxed and with nature. For these use fountains and play recorded sounds of nature as background music in your sitting room and kitchen etc.

• Green Indoor plants help free Flow of Chi energy

Green broad leaf indoor plants not only absorb carbon dioxide and toxins but give oxygen and also guide and direct free flow of ‘Chi’ energy. Free flow of ‘Chi’ energy is essential to make a place healthy.

Place such potted plants at corners and bends in particular.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar