Career Numerology and Suggestions for Each Number

Career Numerology – Each single digit number from 1 to 9 carries distinct vibration. The personality traits as per birth date number suggest certain careers which will as per numerology suit well for an individual……

Career Numerology

What is your date of birth? Just take the date leaving aside the month and the year. If it is a single digit number viz. 1 to 9 then take it as it is, it is your birth date number.

But if it is a double digit number viz. 10 to 31 then reduce it to a single number, by once or twice adding together the digits, for example if your date of birth is 24 the add 2 to 4 and you get 6 as your birth date number.

But for example if you were born on 29 then after adding 2 to 9 you get 11 which is again a double digit number so in such case again add together its digits so here adding 1 to 1 you get 2 as your final single digit birth date number.

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Now read from the following in order to determine your career related to avenues suggested by each number:

Career recommendations for Number 1, 2 and 3

Birth Date Number 1

You are best suited for government service or serving in a large prestigious organisation. Alternately working in a medium or small organisation at an authoritative position can be considered. Departments or jobs like administration, guidance, training, goal setting can be considered.

Working in pharmaceuticals, medical representation, IPS, IAS, hospitals, clinics, and medical research will be suitable..

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Birth Date Number 2

All professions which utilize imagination and mind power, related to beauty, decoration, jewellery, hair-styles, and fluids are best.

You can best work in milk plants, manufacturing and sale of cold drinks, ice-cream. Work in beauty parlours, cosmetics manufacturing and sale, public dealing.

Any work requiring physical stamina may not suit you.

Birth Date Number 3

Career where you can lead, govern and exercise control are best. You may not fit well in subordinate jobs. Most suitable for you are serving at authoritative position or as head of religious organisations, advisory services in government, defence, auditing departments etc.

Serving as bank officer, officer in financial institutions or officer for organising religious or spiritual functions and parties are also suitable.

Career recommendations for Number 4, 5 and 6

Birth Date Number 4

Any job or work where you are your own boss will be suitable. Self-employment or own business is much better than serving under others. You will be successful in own business if you do it alone. You can do partnership business but you must do it with your trusted and true friend only and avoid working with strangers.

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Birth Date Number 5

You are best suited for team work. Any career where you can use your brain, speech and communication skills will be suitable. Business of any kind even in partnership can be considered. All speculative pursuits, share business, stock exchange jobs, accounting, planning etc. are suitable for you.

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Birth Date Number 6

Other utilities for females, film making, glamour industry, photography, modelling, television, computers etc. Jobs involving working with members of opposite sex are good for you.

Career recommendations for Number 7, 8 and 9

Birth Date Number 7

All jobs where you can be your own boss and full control of things will give you peace of mind and progress. You can conduct tours as you like travelling. You can consider travelling sales job, foreign travel jobs, import and export, merchant navy work, yoga training and spiritual guidance etc.

Birth Date Number 8

You may not fit well in any public dealing job. You can take up work in religious or spiritual ashrams where you can independently work. In service select a place where you are not much supervised and can exercise freedom of thought. Constant and close supervision will make you restless and irritable.

Birth Date Number 9

Careers where you can use your courage, zest and energy such as sports, defence, police, surveying, vigilance, security etc. are best. Jobs involving travelling, field work, hard work etc. are suitable for you. You can consider career as a bouncer, security guard, police officer, mountaineer, sports person etc.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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