Remedies to fulfill your wishes on this Holi

Holi Remedies

holi Remedies

Holi is celebrated on full Moon day (Poornima) of Phalgun month. This is an important festival of spring season (Basant Ritu).

The tale of devotee Prahalad is prevalent as the cause of celebrating this festival. The word Prahalad- Pra+ahalad that means getting joy& happiness. In fact, the motto behind this festival is to welcome new crop.

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When the crop is not yet fully ready to cut, it is offered or donated in oblation (or sacrificed in fire ) then it is received as Prasadam for the peace& prosperity in the universe. Tantrics (Those who believe in supernatural powers) wait for this day impatiently.

You can also fulfill your wishes by doing some easy remedies and reciting some mantras on the auspicious occasion of this festival. You can get benefit by doing any one of these following remedies according to your wishes.

Holi Remedies on the Holi day

(1) If you aspire growth in your business or progress in your job, then you count the number of years you have been in business or job. Take Gomati Chakra in the similar numbers and offer them one by one to the fire of Holi with devotion wishing prosperity. By God’s grace you shall get definite success.

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(2) If you are victim of evil eye, and facing hurdles in the progress of your business. In that case, you must go to LORD HANUMAN temple on Holi day and carry with you- Dhoop, Deep, Agarbatti and Nazarbattu .

Light dhoop& aggarbatis in front of Lord Hanuman& chant this mantra 108 times ‘ OM HANUMATE NAMAH ‘.Express your wish to the Lord and touch this Nazarbathu to the statue. Put this Nazarbathu in black thread. Offer jiggery to it and then distribute this as prasadam. Wear It in your neck or keep it at your work place. Your wishes shall definitely be granted.

(3) If you have any wish to be granted, then you start this remedy from Holi day- Chant this mantra 108 times every day in front of Nav Durga Yantra-


(4) In case, You have been suffering of severe cold& cough since long, then do this remedy. On Holi day after bath take a silver piece, an old coin, few grains of rice and five Gomti Chakra and tie all of these in red cloth, rotate it seven times around your head and immersed in flowing water.

(5) If you want to influence& attract others, in this case this remedy is quite useful. To bring out the positive results at work place or for taking favor of your seniors and colleagues chant 11 mala of this mantra on Holi night.

After Holi one mala of this mantra should be chanted every day. The person to whom you want to hypnotize, make him/ her eat anything which is purified by this Mantra. That person will start working according to you. In addition to this, if you put ash on your forehead, the person who meets with you will behave in a positive way. The mantra is like this-

Holi Happiness, Bring the Happiness of Holi to Your Home


(6) If married couples have difference of opinions or have frequent fights on petty issues in that case, tie 07 Gomati Chakras, 07 Laghu ( small ) Nariyal, 07 Pearl Conch in red cloth and rotate seven times around the head of your spouse and throw it in Holi fire. After that come back home without looking behind. Wash your feet& hands. You will find that your family life is getting smooth.

(7) If you find hurdle in your works without any rhyme& reason and face failure to get the desired results in that case. After taking bath on Holi day hoist a triangle white color cloth flag on Peepal tree. You shall find improvement in your work.

(8) Bring a yantra of 15 on Holi night. Light Dhoop and Deep in front of this yantra and chant this mantra three or seven times on Holi day. After that this mantra should be chanted a mala every day. This mantra has the power to accomplish your work successfully and bring growth- the mantra is like this-


(9) You are not keeping well since long. You are not able to find out what disease you have been suffering from, moreover medicines are not working for you in that case in the morning of Holi day mix Black Sesame Seeds and Mustard Oil in Barley Flour and cook a roti out of this dough .

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Don’t mix salt into it. Rotate this Roti (chapatti) seven times around the diseased person and give it to Buffalo to eat. Then do this remedy 21 Saturdays. Medicine will start working and you will be cured of your disease.

(10) To bring out the growth in your profession, Take bath on Holi day after that go to Lord Hanuman temple with five Gomati Chakras and five Nazarbathus. Light Dhoop Deep in front of lord Hanuman& offer Prasad of Jaggery and Channa to the Lord..

Recite Hanuman Chalisa 11 times. Then tie Gomati Chakras and Nazrbathu in red cloth and tie it at work place. You will start flourishing in whatever job or profession you are.

You can choose any one out of these holi remedies and get fulfilled all your wishes on this HOLI.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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