Holi Festival Day is Auspicious for Removing Problems

Holi Festival – Holi day Remedies

Holi day Remedies ,The Indian festival of colours falls on 25 March 2024 Monday. You may utilize this auspicious occasion to get rid of your various problems in life..

Holi Festival - Holi day Remedies

Holi is a great Indian festival which covers all with long lasting colours of friendship, harmony, love and togetherness.

It is believed that from astrological point of view the Holi day is most appropriate time to perform various time tested remedial measures.

Some remedies for different problems are described here; you can select one depending upon the problem faced by you.

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Holi day Remedies – For Victory in Court Case

On Holi day at sunrise sit on a blanket in a calm place and using a mala (Rosary of red coral beads) recite 11 mala of the following mantra:

“Om Kraam Kraam Kraam,Dhomrsari Badaksham,Vijayati Jayati Om Swaha”

For Getting Employment

On Holi night using a mala (Rosary) of red coral beads recite 21 mala of the following mantra,
“Om namaha Kali KankaliMahakali, Mukhsundar, jiyeviali,
Chaar vi, BhairoChourasi, beetatipoojunpaan-ai- mithai, ab bolo, kali kiduhai”

Then every day in the evening recite one mala of the same till success.

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For Success in Exams

On Holi night using mala (Rosary) of Haldi (Turmeric) beads recite 21 mala of the following mantra,
“ Omnamodevi Kamaksha, Trishul, Khadag hast padhapati Garud,
Sarv Lakhitu, Preetiayesamagam, tatvchintamaninarsinh.
Chal Chalkhsheenkotikatyani, talavprasaad key.
Om Hreenhreenkroom Tribhavan Chaliya ChaliyaSwaha”

For getting rid of Evil-Eye effects

If you are suffering due to evil eye effects (Buri Nazar) then at the time of Holika Dehen (Fire rite on Holi) pour in the fire after dipping in pure ghee; two long, one batasha (sugar sweet) and one paankapatta (leaf of Paan). Next day bring some ash from that fire rite and fill it in a copper capsule (Tabeez) and wear that in black thread.

For Removing Obstacles in Service

On Holika Dehen day take seven pieces of the root of Aak. Take anticlockwise Parikrama (Going round) the fire rite and at each round throw a root piece in the fire. This will remove all obstacles in your service.

For Timely Marriage

On Holi night take a new earthen pot and put in it a red piece of cloth, seven kali mirch (black pepper), seven small pieces of sendhanamak, tie a cloth on the mouth of pot. Put seven spots on outer surface of pot with kumkum. Then using red chandanmala (rosary of red sandal wood)recites 11 mala of the mantra:

“Om GauriAavey, Shiv jobiavey, ………………kovivahturantsidhkarey,
dernakarey, jo der hoy, to Shiv koTrishulPadey,
Guru Gorakhnathkiduhaiphirey”

Afterward leave that pot at a crossing (Chauraha)

Important Note:

In the above mantra in place of the blank space (dotted line) take the name of the person for whose marriage it is being done.

For Getting Wealth

On Holi night, using a crystal mala (Rosary) recite 21 mala of the mantra. After wards daily recite a mala of the same mantra and forcibly blow with mouth in all directions. Money will start flowing in from all directions:

“Om namoBhagvatipadampadmavi
Om hreen Om Ompoorvaye, dakshinaye, Uttraye,

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For Curing Disease

On Holi night light a lamp (Deepak) with pure ghee and while reciting the following mantra rotate the lamp in front of the diseased person’s face 21 times.

Then pour some milk in a pot and sugar (Shakkar) and cooked rice in a container after getting it touched by the diseased person leave these items at a crossing and while returning do not look back.

“Shani din sandhyakaysamayegharkumhaarkayjaye,
chaakpechaunsath deep koultichaakphiraye”

For removing Vaastu Defects

Whatever the Vaastu defect (Dosha) this procedure will remove it: On the day after HolikaDehen Offer some Gulal (Red colour powder) to your deity and then after worship put some gulal at the north east corner of your premises.

For safety of Foetus of a Pregnant Woman

If a pregnant woman is unable to carry on pregnancy due to unwanted abortions then on Holi day either the suffering woman or her husband should write this mantra on a Bhojpatra and by sitting before it recite the mantra 108 times using a Rudraksha mala. After this insert the bhojpatra in a silver capsule (Taabeez) and tie it on waist of the woman. This will protect her foetus.

Om thothomothomerakahakeejiye,
Guru ki Shakti phuromantrrIshvarivaacha”

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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Holi Festival Day is Auspicious for Removing Problems