Holi Rituals – How to Attract Wealth through Rituals on Holi?

Holi Rituals

Holi Rituals – Holi is the festival of colours and worship let this year’s Holi falling on 24/25 March 2024 fulfill your dreams of wealth and happiness..

Holi Rituals

We in India celebrate the festival of Holi with feelings of love and friendship. It is generally a festival of social importance and everyone wants to get drenched in colours of love, friendship and brotherhood and wash away all differences.

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The festival of Holi is celebrated on two days. On the full Moon day (Poornima) in the bright half (Shukla Paksha) of the lunar month of Phalgun is Chchoti Holi (little Holi) or Holika Dahan and on this day in the evening a bonfire is performed which is called Holika Dahan. This is also called Jalaneywali Holi (Holi of Fire Ritual).

On the following day which is the first lunar date (Pratipada) of the dark half (Krishana Paksha) of the lunar month of Phalguna is the Rangwali Holi or Dhulendi; the Holi of playing with Colours.

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This year the Holika Dahan is on 24 March 2024 and Rangwali Holi for playing with colours is on 25 March 2024.

Rituals for Attracting Wealth…

In this regard the main importance needs to be given to Holika Dahan (Saturday, 24 March 2024) or the bonfire on the eve of Rangwali Holi (Holi of Colours on Monday, 25 March 2024).

For the fire ritual (bonfire) dried leaves, logs of dry wood, old and discarded wooden furniture, cardboard and other combustible material is piled up in a heap in an open area. Do not use petrol or kerosene oil as it will spoil the sanctity of the ritual.

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Recite the following mantra for 108 times and then set fire to the pile:

“Om Prehlaadaye Namaha”

The next morning after taking bath collect some ash of the bonfire and apply it on your forehead and by sitting before an idol of Kuber (Lord of wealth) recite 108 times the following mantra:

“Kuber tvamm dhanadheesh grihay te Kamla sthita,
Tvamm Devi presh aashutvamm madgrihay te namo namaha”

Keep some ash tied in a piece of yellow cloth in your pocket always till the next year’s Holika Dahan and then replace it with new ash. This way you will keep attracting wealth throughout the year and will also be protected from negative forces.

The Colours of Prosperity…

Red and Yellow are the main colours associated with wealth or prosperity. The red colour is governed by Mars and its use will give vitality, passion and zest for earning wealth as this colour is of Rajsic quality.

Yellow is under Jupiter hence it will shower wealth and happiness through righteous ways as it is a mixture of Rajsic and Satvik qualities. Therefore on both these days of holi use as much as possible of these two colours as compared to other colours. Avoid using black colour which will restrict prosperity.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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Holi Rituals – How to Attract Wealth through Rituals on Holi?

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