Holi Happiness, Bring the Happiness of Holi to Your Home

Holi Happiness, Bring the Happiness of Holi to Your Home

Holi Happiness – Holi the festival of bringing colors of joy to your life and to get rid of all the evils in life.

Holi Happiness

One of the most important aspects of all the Indian festivals is that all of them provide us a chance to cleanse our mind body and soul, putting limit to our desires and attain a spiritual happiness

Holi is one such festival, celebrated by Hindus in almost all parts of the world. This festival is celebrated in different parts of the world under different names but the basic concept is the same all over. The most common belief about the origin of this festival is related to Bhakt Prahlad and lord Shiva.Both these stories convey the message of the victory of the godly powers over the demons.

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King Hiryan kashyap ruled all over the earth and had a boon of not being killed by any means on earth, this lead him to the believe that he is most powerful and be worshiped by all. His own son Prahlad was a big devotee of lord Vishnu and refused to worship him. King Hiryan Kashyap applied many ways to make Prahlad worship him but he refused to do so. For that Hirayan kashyap tried to kill Prahlad in many ways but failed to do so.

Ultimately he decided to do so by the help of his sister Holika who had the boon being not to be burnt by any fire. He asked his sister to take Prahlad in her lap and sit in the fire and she did so, but God has his own ways. Holika got burnt in the fire and Prahlad came alive out of the fire. This conveys the message that God always there to help those who have sincere faith in him.

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Holi Happiness – In ancient times the daughter of Himalaya wanted to marry Lord Shiva and all the gods also wanted the same to happen. Goddess Parwati tried to bring the attention of lord Shiva towards her but failed to do so because lord Shiva always remained in the state of Deep meditation. At last Goddess Parvati requested Kamdev, the god of love to divert the attention of Lord Shiva.

Holi Happiness – Kamdev shot his arrow of love and passion on Lord Shiva which disturbed Lord Shiva and this led lord Shiva to the state of furious anger. He opened his third eye and burnt Kamdev. but soon Lord Shiva realized his mistake and granted him the state of immorality in invisible form. This conveys the message that we should burn all our desire with the burning of Holika and attain the spiritual state of happiness.

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But apart from this there is an astrological aspect, by which we can bring all the happiness and property in our life. Here are some remedies and readings through we can all bring happiness and prosperity in our life.

Holi happiness Remedies

1. The use of herbal colors can save us from many skin diseases. Do not use chemical colors. Or you can just offer a Rose flower as a token of your fair feelings about others.

2. We should bury the hatchet and visit our enemies to start a new relation of love and affections.

3. Burn Egoism, vanity and lust through fire of devotion and knowledge. Along with the external illumination we should illuminate our soul for the betterment of the mankind.


1. On the evening of Holika Dahan after taking bath offer one betel leaf+two Cloves(should not be the broken ones)+A sugar bubble (cheeni ka batasha)+some crystal of sugar to the holi fire. Next morning before doing any thing bring some ash from the holi fire . apply it on the whole of your body. Wait for two hours and then take bath. After that without eating any thing go to the temple of Lord Vishnu,offer a pair of emblic myrobalan (amla) and pray for your well- being.

2. If the Husband of some lady is under the influence of some other lady,she should offer the above mentioned articles to the holi fire and after that take seven rounds of the holi fire,after every round she should offer one gomti chakra to the fire in the name of the other lady.

3. If someone is continuously facing financial losses,on the evening of the holika dahan,make small pot with wheat flour like an earthen lamp put two wicks in it and ignite at the main entrance inside the main door on the right side when facing out side.Also sprinkle some Gulal around the lamp.

4. To get rid of any vaastu dosh in your house, offer some dry powder of rose petals to the deity you worship and establish some mixture of the dry rose petal powder+ash from holi fire in the north east corner of your house.

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Holi Happiness, Bring the Happiness of Holi to Your Home

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