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Aquarius Career weekly horoscope will help the calculative Aquarian to plan the future career moves. Aquarians are attractive and strong people in the zodiac. Get your Aquarius Weekly Career horoscope so that it can add strength to the coming week. Aries Career this week and Aries Career next week helps you in planning ahead

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Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 10 June, 2019 – 16 June 2019

Mars and Mercury are forming a stressful aspect of your workplace and colleagues. This is not a great placement, so you have to be careful with your colleagues. They will have different needs and you may not be able to address everything. You must stay away from office politics. Competitive projects can come up and that too when you least expect it. So, be ready for surprises and be flexible. Your work sector can become very much competitive. Short projects and team discussions are seen. You will have to be careful with your teammates. They can be very demanding. You may even look for a new job

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 03 June, 2019 – 09 June 2019

Your workplace is going to be under a stressful planetary influence of Mars and Mercury. This is indicating a lot of stress regarding the workplace. New projects may come up. These projects can be complicated as well. Try to give your best, so that you can make profits. Stay away from office politics and gossips. This is a time to look for a new job as well. The creative sector is also active and that indicates new creative projects. You may join new projects or teams. Those who work in the arts and entertainment sector can also come up. Politicians and teachers also are going to get new opportunities.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 26 May, 2019 – 02 June 2019

The Venusian influence on the communication sector is very good and that indicates a lot of opportunities from this sector. Opportunities from communication and media related sector can come up. You may have a lot of communications regarding career. There are chances for training and studies. Those who work in teaching and training sector also will give you some opportunities. Projects with foreign collaborations are also seen. You will try to travel for career purposes. The Martain influence on the creative sector is showing some opportunities from creative ventures. Arts and entertainment sector is also active. Politicians, teachers, and businessman also will be active with their projects.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 20 May, 2019 – 26 May 2019

This is a crucial time for your own ventures. You will be looking for new creative projects. Networking opportunities are also seen. Those who work in the arts and entertainment also will be very active. At work, you will have complex projects. Your work sector can be very competitive. There are chances for arguments with your colleagues. You will try to get new projects. Those who work in the police, sports and administration will be very active. The new job also is seen. You have to be careful with your colleagues.

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Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 13 May, 2019 – 19 May 2019

The full moon will rise above the sector for career and bosses. During the full moon days, you will try to complete some projects. There will be some projects related to real estate deals as well. You may have to complete some important projects. These projects can be from the customer care related sector. Politicians and businessmen also will have new opportunities. Those who work in healing and the medication-related domain will search for new opportunities. For various reasons, you may get a lot of attention at work. Mars will trigger the sector for work and colleagues. You will have some complicated projects at work.

Aquarius Career Weekly 06 May, 2019 – 12 May 2019

You have a lot of jobs to do as the sector for multi-tasking is heavily activated. So, you should try to take rest first of all. You have a lot of short term projects. Many of them can be with your communication skills. Networking people also can have important projects. Short travels and short career-related training are also seen. Those who work in the media and technology sector also will be active. Team discussions and some debates are also possible. Your career sector also will get activated. Please try to be patient with your colleagues.

Aquarius Career Weekly 29 April 2019 – 05 May 2019

The sector for career and bosses are activated with a powerful new moon by an aspect. You may have to keep a balance between home and work. At work, you will have new assignments. Your bosses also can be very demanding. You may even think about a new business opportunity. New projects may come up. Creative projects are also seen. The communication-related domain can also come up. Healers also will be very active. Mars will trigger the creative sector. Those who work in arts and politics will have new projects. You may even get opportunities to work with children and youth groups. New own ventures are also seen during this phase.

Aquarius Career Weekly 22 April 2019 – 29 April 2019

Mercury and Venus are moving through the sector for communication, media, and networking. There will be a lot of short projects this week. This is a very good time to do some projects from communication-related projects. You may try to improve own ventures. There will be multitasking, and you have to have clear plans for your projects. You may go to networking events. Teachers and trainers also will find new opportunities. The creative sector is also active. Politicians and trainers will important duties. Arts and entertainment sector also may give you some opportunities.

Aquarius Career Weekly 15 April 2019 – 21 April 2019

The Sun and Mercury will activate the house of short travels, short courses, writing, editing, media, and technology. There are some chances for career related trainings. Career related travels can also come up. You may even have projects related to technology and media. Writers, teachers, and counselors will be busy with their work. You may plan for your own ventures. Networking opportunities are also seen. This is a busy time and you may have to multi task. Projects with foreign collaborations can also come up. Those who work in legal and administration sector also will have some work. Teachers and mentors also will be busy.

Aquarius Career Weekly 08 April 2019 – 14 April 2019

Mercury and Venus are triggering the sector for finances and partnerships. This is a time to start new partnership ventures. Discussions for such ventures may come up. These discussions can have a positive outcome if you are taking care of it. This is a good time to find new part-time projects. Those who work in research and development will have new opportunities. Engineers, accountants and finance experts also will be busy with new opportunities. The sector for communication is activated with the Sun, so you will have some projects from media as well. Opportunities for writing, editing, sales, and marketing also can come up.

Aquarius Career Weekly 01 April 2019 – 07 April 2019

The new moon will come in the sector for short travels, short courses, media, communication, technology, siblings, writing, and editing. There will be a lot of work in the existing projects. Sales, marketing, and teaching opportunities also can come up. You may go for career-related training. Mars will trigger the sector for creativity and own ventures. This will be a good opportunity to prove your skills. Creative projects will come up, and you should go the extra mile in performing well. Those who work with own ventures will be busy. Politicians, actors, and business owners also will have new opportunities.