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Aquarius Career weekly horoscope will help the calculative Aquarian to plan the future career moves. Aquarians are attractive and strong people in the zodiac. Get your Aquarius Weekly Career horoscope so that it can add strength to the coming week. Aries Career this week and Aries Career next week helps you in planning ahead

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Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 11 November, 2019 – 17 November, 2019

You will find your work gaining more importance as Mercury is moving in a slowdown mode. There are chances for rework and hence, you have to be cross-checking your projects before final submission. During Mercury retrogression, your analytical skills can get affected. You should cross-check the reality of the job offers you get during this phase. Try to be listening more, otherwise, you may skip main duties and that can bring unhappy situations at work. Most of the projects can come up from communication and media-related sectors. Team discussions can be a part of this week. New opportunities can come from long term projects. You may join new teams. This is also a time for projects from the scientific and technical communication sectors.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 04 November, 2019 – 10 November, 2019

Mercury will influence the sector for career and bosses and this planet is in a slowdown mode too. There can be some projects from creative as well as communication-related sectors, but they all can get some rework. Most of these projects can be short projects as well. New responsibilities can come from many areas. This is also a time for some jobs related to accounting, analysis, and training. Those who work in the customer care sector will have important duties. Venus is activating the creative sector, so you may have some projects. This is also the sector for speculative ventures. So, you will try to do something regarding own ventures. The arts and entertainment sector is also active.

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Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 28 October, 2019 – 03 November, 2019

Venus is moving through the sector for group settings and collective projects. This is a time to join new organizations or new small groups. You will try to start a new long term project. Most of the projects can be from scientific and technical communication-related domains. You will work for the upliftment of the children and youth groups. This is time for research as studies as well. However, your work sector is complex due to the retrogression of Mercury. There will be some complex projects from communication and media. There are huge chances for rework and confusion is there, so you have to be careful. New job opportunities can also come up.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 21 October, 2019 – 27 October, 2019

This is a week for projects from foreign lands. Career development training programs can also come during this week. There will be long travels for career matters. Media and mass communication professionals also will be active. Administration and legal employees can also get new opportunities. Skill development training also can come. Authors and publishers also will find better opportunities. The career sector is also very much highlighted. Multiple planets are activating your career sector. There will be some discussions regarding your work pattern. This is a crucial time for job seekers. New job opportunities from the creative and arts sector can also come up

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 14 October, 2019 – 20 October, 2019

Your foreign collaborations will be very much activated during this week. However, they can be complex as well. Due to the presence of the Sun and Mars, you will be in a busy mode. Those who work in the media will be trying for new opportunities. This is a time for multitasking as well. Career-related studies and discussions can also come up. Long travels and discussions with foreigners will be a part of this week. Multiple projects are going to come up form communication and creativity related sectors. The banking and accounting sector also can bring some projects. You will be majorly multitasking during this phase.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 07 October, 2019 – 13 October, 2019

Mercury and Venus will trigger career and social status. Projects from communication and creativity can come up. There will be multiple communications with your managers and colleagues. This is a week to multitask. Researchers, trainers, and teachers will have important opportunities. Your bosses may ask to bring more clarity to work. Those who work in PR, writing and communication skills will be busy. Projects with foreign collaborations can come up. Lawyers and diplomats will have some opportunities. Those who work in the arts and entertainment sector also will be active. Job-related traveling is also seen.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 30 September, 2019 – 06 October, 2019

The Sun and Venus are moving through the sector for publishing, writing, long travels. There will be some projects with foreign collaborations. Foreign or long trips are also possible during this week. Some opportunities for communication-related matters are also seen. This is a very busy time for you. You will have communications with people from a different culture. The sector for career and bosses is triggered by Mercury. New job offers can come up during this week. Projects from writing, editing and media can come up. Your bosses will discuss new projects with you. You may take up a new role or a new job. This is also the time to get recognized for your work.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 23 September, 2019 – 29 September, 2019

This is a very crucial week for your foreign collaborations and that will be little complicated. Multiple planets are influencing these collaborations and the Sun is in a weak mode. You must take care of your projects. Otherwise, there can be some confusion. Projects from media and mass communications can come up during this week. There will be some career development training as well. Those who work in legal and administration sector also will have many projects. You will have long trips for the sake of work. Those who work in travel and tourism also will find this as a good opportunity. This is a week to multitask as well.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 16 September, 2019 –22 September, 2019

Mercury and Venus will move into the sector for foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. There will be a lot of projects from communication-based sector. Writer, authors, and publishers will think about new opportunities. Career-related training also can come up. Projects with foreign collaboration are also seen. Those who work in administration and legal sector will also be busy. There will be a close interaction with media and technology too. Career development training programs can also come up. You may even travel for career purposes.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 09 September, 2019 –15 September, 2019

Mercury and Venus are moving through the sector for foreign collaborations and mass communications. This is a busy time because Mercury indicates multitasking. That will be mainly from media and communication-related area. There are chances for projects from foreign lands. This is an important time for legal and administration professionals. You will have some skill development training as well. Teachers and mentors also will have some projects. There will be some opportunities for banking and accounting professionals. Public speakers and teaching professionals also will be working more. This is also a time for part-time projects.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 02 September, 2019 –08 September, 2019

You will be busy with managing your finances and partnerships. There will be a lot of communication regarding partnerships. Plans for new partnership deals can come up. This is also a time for part-time projects. Those who work in the financial domain can have new job opportunities as well. Doctors and healers also can have some projects. This is a very important time for those who work with analysis and accounting. There are chances for arguments with your partners. Marine and engineering sector also can give you some projects.

Aquarius Career Weekly Horoscope 26 August, 2019 – 01 September, 2019

Multiple planets are moving through the sector for partnerships, finances, and investments. You will be inquisitive about starting a new project. You may even get a new partner. This is a good time to research for a plan. Shared projects can also come up. Arguments in the partnerships can also come up. Those who work in marine and other engineering domains can get new opportunities. Healers and doctors also will get new opportunities. Banking and accounting professionals will have new opportunities. However, there will be some challenges at work.