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Most Accurate free Aquarius Horoscope Monthly April 2021. Aquarius monthly horoscope provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Aquarius written by Rob Tillett.

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2021

Aquarius overview April 2021

Natives of Aquarius like to be disciplined, but you get success in your life after some time, that means you get success in your middle age. You are introvert, and do not open with anybody, easily. You may be interested in politics, and you are quite good in this field. Month of April will be not good, from the health point of view, because Saturn (which governs your sun sign) will be in twelfth house, this will cause your expenses to increase. There may be problems of eyes or leg pain.

To control your expenses, you have to make too many efforts. If you are living in foreign country then, this month is bringing grand success for you. Family life will have ups and downs in this month, because, Ketu is in tenth house and Rahu and Mars are in fourth house. You may be worried about the health of your parents.

Aquarius Profession April 2021

Carrier point of view, this month is very important for you, you have to be careful. Ketu is present in tenth house and Rahu and Mars are affecting it, this shows that, there will be up-down in your carrier. You will not be able to concentrate in your work and therefore, there is a possibility of mistakes in your work, and this may affect your performance. It will be better for you to be careful and avoid any such circumstances, which may harm your carrier.

On 6th April, Jupiter will move to your sun sign, and this indicates that you will have transparency in your thinking and you can take proper decisions using your experience. On 14th April Sun will be in third house, this will make you brave, and your relations with you seniors will be improved. If you are doing any business, then this month will be good for you, but you have to be careful for paying income tax, and related paper work.

Aquarius Finance April 2021

Finance point of view, starting of the month is not very good. Mars is looking to eleventh house, this shows that you will have small income, but Saturn and Jupiter are present in twelfth house, and this will increase your expenses, therefore you should have control on your income and expenditure. You should make a proper budget and follow it then only you will be able to maintain balance in your income and expenses.

After 14th April, Sun will have a transit and this shows that, you may have some benefits from government sectors. Sun, Mercury and Venus are in second house, this indicates that, you may increase your bank balance, and may invest some of your money in business.

Aquarius Health April 2021

You have to be very careful for your health in this month. Presence of Saturn and Jupiter in twelfth house, Ketu in tenth house and Rahu and Mars in fourth house, is not favorable for you. You may suffer from chest pain, stiffness in joints, or lungs related problems, or there may be the problem of acidity.
If you do not take proper care on time, then this may lead to a big problem. You are therefore advised to take proper care of yourself. Avoid eating spicy and deep fried food, and maintain a schedule for eating food. Start doing exercises, or walking daily. This may reduce your health issues and keep you fit.

Aquarius Love and Marriage April 2021

For love matters, this month is very favorable. You will think to move forward in your relationship. Your relation with your partner, will be good but due to the presence of Mars in fifth house, there may be hot talks between two of you. Your partner may be adamant for some matter, and this may cause conflict between you. You should think calmly and try to make understand your partner, and avoid any clashes.

For married couples, starting of the month is very good. Your life partner will also have understanding and coordination with you. After 6th April, Jupiter will make a transition and will be in a position to look to seventh house, and this will further increase, understanding between you and your life partner. You and your life partner will share a very good bonding, and you will have complete faith on your partner. This will make your relation very strong and you will lead a happy married life. When Sun will make a transit, there may be ego clashes between you and your partner.

Aquarius Family April 2021

Mercury, Venus and Sun have bond in the second house, and Saturn is affecting this. Apart from this Rahu and Mars are present in the fourth house. All these conditions indicate that there will be few problems in your family life. There may be change in the behavior of your mother. She may have some health issues and she may behave irritated. It will be therefore required to take care of your mother, in this period.

After the transit of Mars, she may feel better. Apart from this, when Mercury, Venus and Sun will make transitions, family life will become more joyful and happy. Bonding and love between family members will increase. There is a possibility of some arguments with your siblings, therefore try to avoid any such condition. If you take care of your behavior, you will have better family atmosphere.

Aquarius Solutions April 2021

Donate, red pomegranate, jaggery and gram on Tuesday.
Reading of Sundarkand on Tuesdays and Saturdays will be beneficial.
Lit a mustard oil lamp under the banyan tree on Saturday.
Feeding seven types of grains to birds will be beneficial.
Reading of Beej Mantra of Lord Saturn will be good for you.

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