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Aquarius Health weekly Horoscope gives you great insight into your health and helping you in planning the same.

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Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 30 March, 2020 – 05 April, 2020

The sun will trigger the sector for neck, throat, collar bones, and hands during this week. This is the time for multitasking and a lot of physical activity. Minor physical issues can come up and that will not be the part of any pandemic. So, you should not be worried. Your neck and shoulder area is activated and thus became very sensitive. It can be a shoulder pain or neck pain or general body ache. Mars is triggering your personal life as well, so there can be an aggressive attitude and you need to control that.

Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 23 March, 2020 – 29 March, 2020

The new moon will trigger the neck to the shoulder area and that indicates a lot of focus on these regions. Whenever any planet triggers this sector, there will be physical issues. So, you have to take care of your health. Keep yourself away from the cold and dusty environment. Otherwise, you can get breathing issues. You will have to have a specific plan for your busy life, otherwise, the plans can overlap and that will be very challenging. Your facial organs also will be very sensitive. Stay away from the harsh light to protect your eyes. Your dental health also will be important. Reduce the intake of sweet dishes.

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Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 16 March, 2020 – 22 March, 2020

Your facial organs and excretory organs are very much triggered by a powerful Mercury. Minor issues like cold and fever can come up. Your facial organs also need a lot of care. During this week, you can have some concerns regarding your beauty. You may go for a dental checkup and eye test as well. Wash your eyes with cold water. You have to take care of your food intake as this sector indicates the throat as well. Always take fresh food and that will help you to be healthy. Breathing issues can also come up. You will have a lot of workloads as well.

Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 09 March, 2020 – 15 March, 2020

The full moon will be triggering your emotional sector and excretory organs. During this week, you can get multiple emotional issues and most of them can be regarding your emotions as well as finances. The full moon is volatile energy and you need to control your emotions. Your excretory organs can get tender and you should take care of that. Mercury will trigger your head and cranium area. That indicates multiple thoughts about your personal life. That can distract you for some time, so, don’t get into any scandals. There will be multiple projects and that also can distract you. You can have minor issues like headache or body pain, but that will be moving away by next week.

Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 02 March, 2020 – 08 March, 2020

You can have emotional issues as Mercury is in a slow down mode and that is influencing your personal life. Since Mercury indicates communication and intellect, you will also have some issues regarding the wrong analysis. There are chances for headache and cold, but that will diminish after March fourth week. Menstrual issues are also possible as Mercury is aspecting your reproductive system. Multiple projects can come up and that can distract you as well. Venus will trigger the chest area and you should stay away from sweet dishes. You will have to keep quiet as there are chances for arguments. This is also a time to do a blood sugar test. Your knees are also tender and don’t put them into any risk.

Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 24 February, 2020 – 01 March, 2020

Mercury is triggering the sector for nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth, and eyes, especially the right one), facial bones, upper neck and its bones, gullet, larynx, cerebellum, trachea, cervical region, and cervical bones and tonsils. Mercury is in a slowdown mode and that can bring some issues to these organs. You can have ego issues and that can cause arguments. You will have to spend more time on your dental health as well. Your eyes also need more care. You should not take stale food as it can affect you. Mars is triggering your subconscious mind as well. You should not get into any arguments.

Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 17 February, 2020 – 23 February, 2020

Your emotional self and left side of the body is triggered by Mars and that will trigger your emotional self as well. It will aspect the sector for lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, mental faculties, and kidneys. You should stay away from all kind of arguments during this week. Physical and emotional issues can also come up during this week. So, don’t get into verbal spats and keep yourself secluded for some time. If you get into any such issue, then it can have a long term impact. Your eyes and foot are also sensitive. Please try to take enough rest as well. Stay away from harsh lights and give more care for your teeth.

Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 10 February, 2020 – 16 February, 2020

Your sexual organs and pineal glands will get activated with a powerful full moon. This moon will aspect the sector for health and mental disposition too. Both organs need a lot of care. Menstrual issues are also possible during this week. Whenever the moon aspects the sector for head and cranium, you may get minor issues like cold or body aches. Moon is a watery planet, but this time it is rising in the fiery sign. So there can be general restlessness which can be emotional and physical. Try to stay calm. You can have emotional issues due to the transit of Mars, so you should stay away from all kinds of complex issues.

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