Free Tarot Aquarius Monthly Reading, Aquarius Tarot August 2020

Truthstar Free Tarot Aquarius Monthly Reading predicts what the tarot cards hold of Aquarius for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month. Truthstar provides Free Tarot Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius Prediction By our Tarot expert Sanjana Mittal .

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Free Tarot Aquarius Monthly August 2020

Romance and Relationship

Knight of Pentacles

Concern about the stability of finances has you over a barrel where a relationship is concerned. It’s going to require a bit of alchemy from you to turn lead into gold in respect to a situation. Undertake a bit of homework. Study all options and look outside the square for solutions. In the face of a bit of cunning from one near to you, being well informed will see you to a victory, although not without some sadness.


Five of Wands

This is the card of a rich harvest, of celebrations and thanksgiving. So, it certainly seems that all’s well in your career. You will be choosing to walk away from one established option available to you in order to involve yourself in a partnership deal of some sort. That partnership will be a very harmonious and worthwhile one.


Ten of Cups

Finances are the most satisfactory. There’s much here to indicate that you could be moving house or turning a house into a home. There is a foreign connection where these circumstances are concerned. Not that you’ll be living overseas; more likely you’ll find financial advantages in relation to a place or person not on your home shores. Do make sure all necessary legal matters are properly tied up by a worthy professional.

Focus of Soul or Being

Page of Wands

A message is brought to you that gives a greater likelihood of success where living hope or dream of yours is concerned. A hope that you’ve carried from childhood looks closer to realization than ever. Of course, you have to take action as a result of this communication, not just sit there dreaming of possibilities. Take the proverbial bull by the horns and RIDE.

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