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Cancer Weekly HoroscopeComprehensive Cancer weekly horoscope on web covering Indian Cancer this week and Western Cancer this week horoscope prediction at one place. You can find your fortune in the predictions of Cancer Weekly Horoscope provided by Truthstar. It covers the various aspects of life and forecasts your future for a particular week. This week Cancer horoscope will cover all aspects of the life.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 24 February, 2020 – 01 March, 2020 by Suzanna Collins

Don’t get yourself into a mess with your love life, dear Cancer. Be straight with everyone and don’t do anything silly. Watch the budget, as Mercury is retrograde. Don’t spend on impulse. Get some fresh air at the start. Outdoor exercise will be the ticket. Vary your routines. You’ll be under the watchful eye of someone higher in the food chain as the mid-week comes. Do what you have to. Don’t buck the system. The weekend’s cool. It’s a great time to have fun with friends.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 17 February, 2020 – 23 February, 2020 by Suzanna Collins

Get stuck into work, Cancer. Get the job done. If health isn’t good, take time to get better. The next three weeks may be very frustrating as you rake over issues you thought had been resolved as Mercury turns tail. Legal and financial matters are most likely affected. If you are expecting a package, you might want to check the tracking number. Midweek, romance is in the air. Step out with your sweetheart. If you’re on your own, make an effort to get on with those around you.

It’s a seriously attractive Moon in hunky Capricorn just as the Sun slips into romantic Pisces. This is the day when Cancer is buoyed by the cosmic energies, so psychological and spiritual forces all zero in on you! Make the most of this positive mood, as your personal talents can find their most creative outlet on days like this. Life starts to look much rosier from today, and this upbeat phase will continue for the coming four weeks. Take stock of where you’re going and what you want in the weeks ahead. A situation or a person from overseas may have bearing on this. Take time to look around you and listen to what people are saying, as you may be missing a crucial piece of info. Although money and mystery is the focus, it’s time to look at the bigger picture and make your decisions about where to go under Sunday’s New Moon in sociable Pisces. Overseas travel or study may be important in the coming month and you may be moved to consider your beliefs. Get away from the daily grind and seek the wide open spaces. Your mood lifts as mysterious communications and developments with regard to overseas connections or legal matters may mean you decide to travel. In any case you’ll be excited by a new perspective.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 10 February, 2020 – 16 February, 2020 by Suzanna Collins

Busy, busy, busy for you, Cancer. Reply to calls or texts. Keep appointments. Return emails. You’re on the go as the week begins. The pressure eases, midweek. You’ll meet someone out of the ordinary. You might feel like a movie or some entertainment that takes you right away from things. Enjoy yourself. Someone around you could be upset about work or money. Be sympathetic. Just live your own life on the weekend. Get out there and have fun!

Mars hits loyal Capricorn on Sunday, so the power of the cosmos focuses on partnerships and other alliances. Cooperative efforts take centre-stage in weeks ahead. Other people inspire you to take action. You may experience confrontation, but go with the flow and aggressive factors in the environment will melt away.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 03 February, 2020 – 09 February, 2020 by Suzanna Collins

Start slow, Cancer. Feel your way into the week. There may be worries or wrangles over money. Negotiate for what you want. It’s time for vision and fabulous schemes. Get out and about, stretch your legs and take in the fresh air to get the best from your mind. Think big. Discuss important possibilities with overseas connections. You’re feeling good, midweek. Have your favourite meals and some fun as well. Cruise along. Don’t get in a mood though. Great ideas will come your way in the weeks ahead. Venus activates your public face, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied and plenty of people to be in touch with for some weeks to come. You’ll be pulled out to parties or fascinated by new contacts. Sounds promising! Sunday’s Full Moon will sort out finances one way or another. It may see some financial disturbance, but you can handle that. A deeper more secretive matter is at hand.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope January 27, 2020 – 02 February, 2020 by Suzanna Collins

Give yourself time outdoors, breathing in fresh air to clear your head and stretching those legs to limber up. A fresh approach will get your mind focused, Crabs! That’ll be especially beneficial for your partnership relations, as there’s a new start in the air and a new way of getting what you want. It’s a lucky time for contacts or opportunities, so apply yourself and take on what’s there for you. Be organized and responsible in the midweek. Stay out of the gossip marathon! Get set to hang out with friends on the weekend. Things are brewing on the romantic front, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope January 20, 2020 – 26 January, 2020 by Suzanna Collins

Get down to the nitty-gritty right from the start. Do what you have to. Whether it’s study, training or work, get it done and get it done right, Cancer. No excuses! After that, you can ease off a little. Someone close may be around. There might also be some tension with someone near. If anyone shows strong feeling for you, sort out what you need to do. There may be a new start with someone or for someone you’re close to. Friday’s New Moon can establish a greater sense of intimacy with your partner. Pay attention to your long-term finances, such as your debts and your investments. Make sure that they’re all operating smoothly, and if necessary take some remedial action. It’s a restless weekend but don’t do anything crazy. Work off your frustrations. Think things through.