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Most Accurate free Cancer Horoscope December 2020. Cancer monthly horoscope provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Horoscope Monthly on Cancer written by Rob Tillett.

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope January 2021

Cancer General prediction January 2021

Cancer moon sign is the fourth astrological sign that is ruled and governed by the planet Moon. People born under cancer moon sign are very much devoted towards themselves, their dear ones along with being caring and trustworthy. The symbol of this moon sign is the Crab and this sign is a watery sign. The people of this moon sign are very easy going in nature, sensitive, compassionate and domestic going in thoughts. Due to their best caring nature these people prove and become good parents. They have a feeling of dedication towards their dear ones. These people like helping others and keeping generous feeling towards other persons. Their world lies amongst their family members and near ones.

Cancer Job and Career January 2021

From career point of view this time will be a bit confusing for you. On one hand you will do those tasks once again that you were doing in the past. This is because during this time you will get a good chance to do remedies and complete previous tasks. On the other hand all the current things that are going well may get obstructed due to errors made by you. Due to this reason you will need to give attention to your work and try to stop doing errors. Business people may hire engineers due to excess work load. The placement of Mars in its own sign who is the owner of 10th house indicates that people related to real estate, mechanics, gym, butchery and explosives-weapons may have a favorable time.

Cancer Finance January 2021

During this month you will get success in converting your hobby into profession. You might make arrangement of an income by getting expertise in some profession. Besides this people who are in any creative profession, they may get reward in the form of respect and salary increment. Due to this in total you will have authority in your job and profession. During this month you will get favorable results from your previous investment plans.

Cancer Health January 2021

From health point of view this month of January will bring you some good news. If you were suffering from any disease then you may get cured of it during this time. If you are waiting for any test then you will get negative reports. Besides this people who are worried due to some disease they will get good check up and help. During the beginning of this month January 2021 planet Sun will be placed in the 6th house of your horoscope. This indicates that you will get will power and immunity along with the strength to fight diseases. Due to this reason you may get cured very soon of diseases. You will feel much healthy and will participate in physical activities like sports-games, gym and swimming. You will feel much happy and healthy due to which your physical and mental health will improve. In short it can be said that during this month of January 2021 you will remain fit from health point of view.

Cancer Love and marriage January 2021

During this time your feelings of love will get fueled to get expressed to your desired person. On the other hand you will feel hesitated to express your emotional feelings. Those people who are in love relationships, they will be seen to meet as well as date with their partner. Yet during this time you have to come out of your barriers to express your feelings to your love partner. The people of this moon sign who are single might meet some special person. You will need to keep trust on your partner and give sufficient space to him/her. If this does not happen then your partner might go away from you. When we talk of married persons then we will see that they will enjoy happy moments with their life partner.

Cancer Family January 2021

From family life point of view this month of January 2021 will not be too good. Some previous dispute or argument may come back due to which family quarrels may take place. Some misunderstandings might take place during the beginning of this month. They might take a serious form as time passes. The lord of 4th house will be with Sun in the 6th house during the second week of this month. This may become reason of having strained relations with your father. In such a condition we want to advise you to keep away your thoughts and emotions. You will also need to understand things from your father’s point of view. With this the misunderstanding with your father will get solved.

Cancer Remedies January 2021

Chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya daily for 108 times. Donate milk and sugar to poor children. Keep a fast on Monday. Pour water and sugar on Shiva Lingam. Do not eat dairy products and drink milk before sleeping. Feed black street dogs with bread especially on Saturdays. Keep a pink quartz crystal in your personal room.

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