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Most Accurate free Cancer Horoscope April 2021. Cancer monthly horoscope provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Horoscope Monthly on Cancer written by Rob Tillett.

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2021

Cancer General prediction April 2021

Natives of Cancer are sentimental, and they care for others, and therefore they make friends with anybody. You are the person, who, loves deeply to others and always keep up your relations, but you also expect the same from others, and when you don’t get proper response, then you feel deceived. You have to be careful in this month in respect of love matters, because Ketu is in fifth house and Mars is looking towards it, this may cause trouble in your love life.

Finance point of view, this month will have ups and downs. Presence of Saturn and Jupiter in seventh house simultaneously is very good for business, and you will progress in your business. In the second half of the month, presence of Jupiter in eighth house will make you religious. You will take part in any such occasions which are related to religion.

Cancer Profession April 2021

Although the starting of the month will be good for the natives of Cancer, but the presence of Mars in eleventh house with Rahu will cause some clashes with your seniors. Although situation will be normalized after some time and you will not have any major problem due to this. You will work intelligently and you will be benefited by your communication skill also. These are the conditions which will favor you.
If you are a businessman, then this month is for you. You and your business will make progress rapidly in this month. Whatever projects you have started, will be completed , one by one, and you will prove yourself in the business. You will come in contact with some new persons and these contacts will be good for your business and you can take full advantage of this time, which is favorable for your business.

Cancer Finance April 2021

Finance point of view, starting of the month will be good for you, you may get money from some unexpected source. This will make your financial condition very sound, and you will feel relaxed for your future investments. Your business will grow very rapidly and will be helpful for earning more profit and money.

After 14th April Mars will move to twelfth house, this indicates that you may get chance to go on a foreign tour or on a long tour for your work. Therefore you will be very busy, and your expenses will also be increased. Although this will be for your betterment, and you should not take any tension for it. You should think about some new ideas and new options to improve your financial condition. In all, you should not worry about the financial condition in this month, because prediction shows it to be very sound.

Cancer Health April 2021

Health point of view, this month will have ups an downs. Mars is with Rahu in the eleventh house and this shows that you will have problems related to ear or legs. Fifth house is having effect of many planets which indicates that there may be problem of stomach and lever, which may cause indigestion, gas and acidity. In the second half of month, there may be eye related problems.

In all, you have to be careful for your health, and be alert about health. This month is having mixed results for your health.

Cancer Love and marriage April 2021

This month is having some issues in your love life. Ketu is in fifth house and this is also having effect of Mars and Rahu. This indicates that there may be some problems in your relation with your partner. There will be lack of understanding and coordination, due to which there may be clashes between two of you. At this time it is better to avoid meeting and talking to each other. When Mars will be moved to other sun sign, then things will become normal, but first half of the month is very tough and you have to be careful in this time.

Those natives, who are single, may meet some important person, in the second half of the month. For married couples, this month is very good, there will be coordination and understanding between you and your life partner. You will share very good bond with your partner, and both of you will cooperate with each other for family responsibilities. If you are having a business with your life partner, then you will gain profit in it, and if you want to start some business with your partner then this is correct time for it. After 6th April, Jupiter will move to eighth house this shows that you will have good relations with your in-laws.

Cancer Family April 2021

Mars will look towards second house, in the starting of the month, and seventh house will be affected by Saturn, this will cause some disturbance in family life. There will be lack of understanding and therefore family atmosphere will become depressive. After 6th April, movement of Jupiter will have a positive effect and family atmosphere will be normalized. Mars will also move to twelfth house, and this will have a positive effect on the family.
There will be a good bond between the family members, and with the blessings of elders, all of your works will go on progressing successfully. You may have full cooperation from your siblings. All the members of the family may plan a picnic. After 16th April, you will get support of your brothers and sisters.

Cancer Remedies April 2021

Daily worshipping Lord Hanuman, and reading of Shri Hanuman Vadavanal Stotra will be beneficial.

You should wear half moon locket of silver on Monday. This will be beneficial.

Offering Akshat to Lord Shiva, will also be beneficial.

Cook yellow rice on Thursday and offer it to Goddess Saraswati, donate it amongst people and then eat it.

Donate black sesame on Saturday.

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