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Cancer Health Weekly Horoscope 13 May 2024 – 19 May 2024

Your lower legs, and the ankles will be very sensitive. Individuals may experience occasional swelling or discomfort in these areas, so please give enough rest. You need to avoid stress in these organs. Please avoid overindulgence in food or drink during this transit. It will be good if you have a balanced diet. Bone health is also very important so, consume good amount of calcium. You will be taking part in parties, but avoid consumption of any intoxicants. Overall, prioritizing physical activity, healthy eating habits, and nurturing social relationships can support overall health and well-being during Mercury’s transit through the eleventh house.

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Cancer Health Weekly Horoscope 06 May 2024 – 12 May 2024

During this week, the moon influences your legs, ankles, and blood circulation. Maintain good circulation and mobility for healthy legs and ankles. Notice any discomfort or swelling and address promptly. Engage in regular leg exercises like walking or yoga. Consume magnesium and potassium-rich foods for circulation support. Stay hydrated to maintain blood volume. Elevate legs to reduce pressure and improve venous return. Choose supportive footwear. Listen to your body to prevent overexertion. Take breaks to prevent stiffness. Use relaxation techniques like massage to soothe tired muscles. Enhance leg strength for improved mobility. Prioritize circulation for overall vitality in this week’s health horoscope.

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Cancer Health Weekly Horoscope 16 November, 2020 – 22 November, 2020

The abdominal area is highly active with the powerful Sun. The Sun is a fiery energy and that indicates acidity related issues. Try to have a natural diet. When the Sun moves through this house, then you may try to take up a new health care plan. Your intestines will react fast and this should not bring any digestive issues. Don’t forget to drink enough water too. However, you can have lukewarm water than cold drinks. You will have emotional issues also and please stay away from all controversies. This is a very crucial time for your emotional health as well. The upper abdominal area is also very sensitive. You may have to take care of your liver and gall bladder. This is a good time for a routine check-up.

Cancer Health Weekly Horoscope 09 November, 2020 – 15 November, 2020

The Sun and Mercury are triggering your upper abdominal area and that indicates the importance of the diet. You have to give special care to the liver and spleen as they have become very sensitive. The entire upper abdominal part is active. Stay away from intoxicants, otherwise, that can bring issues. Fresh leafy vegetables and a liquid diet will be good during this time. You will have concerns regarding children and their health, so you need to be careful with their health. You will take up a new health care regime or diet program. Menstrual issues are also possible during this week. The chest area is also triggered by Venus and you should control the sweet intake. A routine blood test will be ideal during this week.