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Cancer Health Weekly Horoscope 27 November – 03 December 2023

When the Sun transits through the 5th house, your upper abdominal area will be very important. You will attend parties, but please avoid over indulgence. This period encourages individuals to explore physical activities that they find enjoyable, such as sports or dance, as a means of promoting both physical fitness and mental health. Creative pursuits, whether artistic or recreational, can serve as a form of therapeutic expression, fostering a positive mindset. It’s beneficial to pay attention to heart health during this transit, emphasizing cardiovascular exercises and activities that promote circulation. Adequate hydration becomes important, supporting both creativity and physical vitality. This period also suggests that spending time outdoors, especially in the sunlight, can have positive effects on mood and energy levels. You will have to take care of the health of your children as well. Balancing leisure with responsibility is key, fostering a sense of well-being during this transit.

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Cancer Health Weekly Horoscope 20 November – 26 November 2023

The sun will activate your sixth house, the lower abdominal area. Your diet can easily impact your physical health. Try to have a moderate diet that doesn’t clog the intestines. Your kidneys are also active, and you need to have enough water. It will be good if you fast one meal. Your gut health is also very important, so you should have a good diet. The chest area is also very important during this time. The lower hip area is also active, and you should take care of that. If you have any issues, like back pain, they can resurface during this transit.

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Cancer Health Weekly Horoscope 16 November, 2020 – 22 November, 2020

The abdominal area is highly active with the powerful Sun. The Sun is a fiery energy and that indicates acidity related issues. Try to have a natural diet. When the Sun moves through this house, then you may try to take up a new health care plan. Your intestines will react fast and this should not bring any digestive issues. Don’t forget to drink enough water too. However, you can have lukewarm water than cold drinks. You will have emotional issues also and please stay away from all controversies. This is a very crucial time for your emotional health as well. The upper abdominal area is also very sensitive. You may have to take care of your liver and gall bladder. This is a good time for a routine check-up.

Cancer Health Weekly Horoscope 09 November, 2020 – 15 November, 2020

The Sun and Mercury are triggering your upper abdominal area and that indicates the importance of the diet. You have to give special care to the liver and spleen as they have become very sensitive. The entire upper abdominal part is active. Stay away from intoxicants, otherwise, that can bring issues. Fresh leafy vegetables and a liquid diet will be good during this time. You will have concerns regarding children and their health, so you need to be careful with their health. You will take up a new health care regime or diet program. Menstrual issues are also possible during this week. The chest area is also triggered by Venus and you should control the sweet intake. A routine blood test will be ideal during this week.