Nakshatra Mula

Nakshatra Mula

Nakshatra Mula 00000’ Sagittarius – 13020’ Sagittarius is nineteenth Nakshatra. The word “Mula” translates into ‘the Root’, ‘the Center’ or ‘the Innermost Core’. Nothing really needs to be said about this asterism’s nature and functioning after its meaning is revealed. The meaning of Moola is root or the base. As we know that no plants can flourish without its roots, similarly every event or happening in the world is associated with some reasons at its very root. Thus, the Moola nakshatra has a strong inclination towards research and quest. As the roots of the plants are not visible, similarly this nakshatra indicates the deeply buried or hidden facets of one’s life. Hence Moola nakshatra is associated with end of life or events and a precursor to the new beginning. It falls in Sagittarius sign which is ruled by Jupiter.

Symbol For Nakshatra Mula

It main symbol is a ‘tied bunch of roots’. Both its name and symbol emphasize the word ‘root’ and this asterism literally relates to the ‘root’ of everything. The fact that the centre of our galaxy lies in it conveys the same idea. Just like its planetary ruler Ketu, this asterism deals with getting to the bottom/core of everything. In the trees and plants roots are usually hidden, which means that this nakshatra deals with all kinds of hidden things, realms, events, motives, propensities etc. The tied bunch of roots also symbolizes the restrictive aspect of this asterism.

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Profession For Nakshatra Mula

Shaman, Medicine men, Healers, Doctors and other such people who administer poisons, shots and vaccines, Dentists,
Ministers, Preachers, Police Officers, Detective and Investigators, Judges, Soldiers, Researchers, especially in the fields of Microbiology & Genetics,

Astronomers, Morticians and those who perform Autopsies, Orators & Public Speakers,
All professions involving oratorical ability like Mass Leaders, Rock Musicians etc, Debaters & Contrarians, Those involved in Selling Herbs, Roots & Root vegetables like carrots, potatoes etc.,

Bodyguards, Wrestlers, Homicide squads, Politicians, Those practicing Tantra (especially Aghoras), Black Magicians, Nuclear Physicists, Mathematicians, Professional Agitators, Gold diggers & Treasure Hunters, Horse Trainers & all those involved in Equine Sports,
Psychotherapists, Astrologers, Ascetics, Mining, Coal & Petroleum Industry, and all professions involving investigation of any kind, and Professions involving destructive activities.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Mula

Mula combines the energy of Jupiter and Ketu. Ketu is the main ruler of this nakshatra. Being a destructive asterism, Mula relates to the destructive potential of Ketu. Ketu’s destructiveness is always benign in the sense that it either initiates a new beginning or a spiritual transformation. Ketu is the planet signifying the root underlying impulses of all thoughts and actions. It is also a planet which gives access and insight into the unseen realms as well as the invisible causes of visible things or events.

According to Varahamihira, Moon in Mula makes one ‘haughty, rich and happy besides giving a fixed, luxury loving and compassionate disposition’.

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