Nakshatra Vishakha

Nakshatra Vishakha

Nakshatra Vishakha (20° 00’ Libra- 3°20’Scorpio) is the sixteenth Nakshatra . A tree may have many branches and its branches are also called as ‘Shakha’. The word ‘Vishakha’, like other Sanskrit terms, evokes a wide variety of English meanings like ‘forked’, ‘two-branched’, or a branch divided in two parts, a ‘poison vessel’. Its alternative name is “Radha”, which translates into ‘the delightful’, Radha, as a name, has gained popularity by virtue of being the name of Krishna’s beloved consort. Three padas of Vishakha Nakshatra fall in Libra sign and the last one in Scorpio sign. Venus and Mars are the planetary ruler of this Nakshatra.

Symbol For Nakshatra Vishakha

It main symbol is a ‘decorated arch’ or ‘gateway’. In depictions this gateway is usually decorated with leaves. Such gateways are still a norm in marriage ceremonies in India. Consequently, one can infer that Vishakha has a lot to do with marriage. Most of Vishakha lies in the sign governing marriage, Libra. In the ancient times this gateway was symbolic of triumph. It symbolized the ending or attainment of a goal and the beginning of a new one. It was reminder of the fact that challenges don’t end once you pass through the gateway, after achieving your goal.

Professions For Nakshatra Vishakha

The most important are Bartenders, Alcohol & Liquor Industry, and Manual Laborers.

Fashion Models & Actresses, All professions involving use of speech like TV & Radio Broadcasts, Politicians, Marching Bands, Sports Persons especially sports requiring Herculean efforts, Cults & Other types of Ideological Fanatics, Religious Fundamentalists, Professional Agitators, Soldiers, Dancers, Critics, Criminals & Mafia, Custom & Immigration Officials, Guards, and Prostitution & Militant Revolutionaries.

Vishakha natives can be found in all types of profession but usually have a tendency to switch over professions throughout their lives.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Vishakha

Venus, Mars, Ketu and Jupiter are the three planetary influences connected to Vishakha. Jupiter is the main ruler of this asterism, while Venus, Mars, and Ketu rule the respective signs that Vishakha occupies. Venus, Jupiter’s counterpart is connected with the first three padas of Vishakha, which makes this Asterism a turbulent one. In the fourth pada, Mars co-rules along with Jupiter and thus the energy is sorted out. Vishakha ‘s longing for perfection and enlightenment is always expressed in terms of love and relationships, which often breaks societal conventions and moralistic taboos. Above all its ultimate goal is experiencing the divine in and through relationship with the divine itself.

According to Varahamihira, those with Moon in Vishakha are “jealous, greedy, clever with words, skilled at earning money, quarrelsome and incite quarrels among others”.

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