Does your Dream mean anything?

Does your Dream mean anything?

Dream mean – As the psyche go away out of the physical body the subconscious looks after all essential functions of the body. The sub-conscious is your memory bank and during those sleeping hours may at random open up any memory file. At the end of your sleep the psyche returns and brings with it lot of actual experiences.

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As you wake up, your conscious mind, in its desperate effort to rationalise things, makes a potpourri of psyche’s actual experiences and its own random memory-lane excursions and the result is what we call a DREAM. So does a dream convey anything meaningful? Some believe and decipher a dream into meaningful indications. Some commonly believed indications are listed below:

What does your dream mean?

If you see one such dream, then in what way it should be interpreted i.e., what can be the result of such a dream

* If you see wavy sea in dream then it indicates receiving money.

* If you see flying bird in the dream then it means money and profit.

* If you see flag etc. in the dream then it results in quick monetary profit or it is related to child.

* Dreaming about mowing the lawn with a lawn-mower is symbolic of good fortune.

* Men, who drink coffee or tea in their dream, attain happiness and prosperity in life.

* Men, who dream of sitting on a high wall, get happiness and wealth.

* If any person who dreams himself to be older in age than his or her real age attains respect and honour.

* Dreaming about a cliff or hill is an indication of new progress.

* Seeing oneself driving in the dream signifies that an important responsibility is going to fall on your shoulders.

* Dreaming of rain gets sudden monetary profit.

* If a Brahmin (Priest) or a mentor (Guru) is seen in the dream it indicates proper accomplishment of a job.

* If an aged person is seen giving guidance in your dream then your respect and honour increases in the society.

* Those people who see children studying, in their dreams, their marital life is blessed.

* If a woman is seen wearing ear studs then some good news is received.

* Those seeing a ‘Swastik’ (Auspicious Indian Symbol) symbol in dream get honour and respect.

* You get knowledge by seeing, receiving or even touching wheat, maize or mustard in a dream.

* In the dream if a person sees himself tied from head to toe then the person is blessed with a son.

* The one, who sees his teeth out of his mouth, incurs debt.

* The person, who wakes up while touching a beautiful bird or animal, gets the best type of spouse.

* Eating sugarcane or beetle-leaf in the dream brings monetary gain.

* A person who eats mud in the dream or builds a bridge, gets great monetary gains.

* Seeing pearl, coral, conch or a creeper in the dream begets monetary gains.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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