The scientific and the spiritual aspects of Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan)

Lunar Eclipse ( Chandra Grahan )

Lunar Eclipse – The present generation, thinks more about the scientific aspect of things than the spiritual aspect of Lunar Eclipse due to which sometimes they find themselves in a situation where there is no solution to their problems, but our fore fathers referred to both the scientific and the spiritual aspect of the happenings and out of the fear that the advanced technology of the ancient times may not go in wrong hands they combined everything with the spiritual aspects so that people out of their devotion and fear of the unknown do the remedies to get rid of their problems, for which we find so many evidences in the Vedas and other holy books.

Lunar Eclipse

If someone believes that the radiations from the sun can cause heat, A pungent smell can cause suffocation, radiation from the welding electrodes can cause blindness to eyes, explosion of a bomb can cause destruction around hundreds of miles around the place of explosion, He should also believe that bad radiations from the afflicted positions of planets can also produce bad effect on human lives.

Performing some worship or rituals during the Chandra-Grahan (lunar eclipse) is also one such example to save the people from the harmful radiations coming to earth during that period. As per the scientific aspect the lunar eclipse is the celestial event in which the earth comes between the Sun and Moon and completely covers the Moon and as the Moon does not have its own light there is a complete darkness ant it always happens on a full Moon day when the earth, Sun and the moon are aligned exactly in the same line.

In most of the ancient scripts there is no information about the Rahu or Ketu. The name of Rahu-Ketu first appeared in the story of Mahabharata when we read the story of Samudra- Manthan ( the churning of the ocean of milk to get the elixir of immorality called Amrita. According to a legend both the devas and the danavas (demons) were the sons of the sage Kashyap, by different wives. The gods were rich in spiritual powers and the demons were rich in materialistic and physical strength.

The demons performed the austerities and got powers from the lord Brahma and declared a war with the gods and drove them out of the heaven. The gods that way found themselves weak to fight back with demons so they wanted to have the elixir of immorality to get saved from being killed by the demons. As The elixir lied at the base of the ocean it needed the ocean to be churned to get the elixir out which was not possible for the gods to do it alone so they asked for the help of the demons and in turn the promised the demons a share of the elixir. The ocean was churned with the help of the demons the and when the elixir was found it was kept with lord Vishnu to be distributed among the devas and the demons. But as the devas did not want the demons to be immortal they requested lord Vishnu to find some way to keep the demons away from the elixir of immortality.

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Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a beautiful maiden, Mohini and started distributing the elixir. But in fact Mohini was serving the liquor to the demons and the elixir to the devas trough a trick, which was noticed by Rahu. The demons were enchanted by the beauty of the Mohini and were drinking the liquor without noticing the trick. Rahu decided to behave the same way and stood in the row of devas in disguise of a god and drank the elixir. God Surya (sun) and the god Chandra (moon) came to know of this trick of Rahu and informed Lord Vishnu about that. Lord Vishnu instantly cut the throat of Rahu and threw it in the sky whereas the body was lying on the ground causing the destruction of the creatures of the earth.

Rahu was crying for justice as the devas also did not keep their promise. The trunk (rest of the body) of Rahu also had some elixir and became immortal. In the end the head and the trunk of the Rahu was placed at 180degree apart and could never unite again. Both Rahu and ketu(the trunk)were became enemy to sun and god and the enmity continued forever and for that reason whenever the Sun and Moon come close to Rahu or Ketu they try to swallow them. As the Rahu has only the throat they come out of the throat and as the ketu has no neck they come out of the body of the ketu. The enmity continues.IN ASTROLOGY WHENEVER THE RAHU OR KETU ARE CONJUNCT WITH SUN OR MOON ,a solar or a lunar eclipse is formed.

In astronomy the Rahu is known as the ascending node and the ketu is known as the descending node which causes formation of comets and meteors. As the Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu all move at a constant speed the Time of eclipse can be calculated well in advance. As they are related to moon they reflect the bipolarity of energy in the cosmos and the individual. They are supposed to be malefic and they bisect the natal horoscope of every individual. Ketu is unattached to the worldly desires.

Ketu in numerology is associated with numeral seven. Individuals born on seventh, sixteen or twenty-fifth of the month are under the influence of ketu. When ketu is conjunct with any other planet it destroys the beneficial effect of that planet to some extent.

If some native is having lunar eclipse in the horoscope or having kaal-sarp yog in the horoscope it is the best time to get rid of the evil effect of these malefic combinations in the horoscope but you need to take advice from a learned astrologer.

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