Nakshatra Ashvini

Nakshatra Ashvini

Nakshatra Ashvini is the first Nakshatra and belongs to Aries Sign, the first sign of the Zodiac whose Lord is planet Mars.

In Vedic legend Ashvini are twin brothers, who were born out of the union of Sun and his wife Sanjana, when they were in the form of a stallion and a mare. The Ashvini Kumaras are the two celestial horsemen. They are regarded as the main presiding deities of this Nakshatra. Its symbol is horse carriage. Hence this symbol emphases the need for movement and relates to transport of all kinds. It is a moveable or ephemeral Nakshatra, one does not have to think twice before assigning a moveable disposition to this Nakshatra. This is the most restless among all the planets and is happy only in movement.

These two brothers are seen as the celestial physician in ancient Vedic text. This is where the healing and rejuvenating aspect of this Nakshatra stems from. It is a level Nakshatra, which is useful in leveling things as it is associated with all kinds leveling activities such as laying foundations for the houses, buildings and places like roads and racetracks.

Profession For Nakshatra Ashvini

The profession/career and interests for those born in Ashvini Nakshatra are-

Transport industry, Athletes and all Sports related jobs physiotherapists, druggists and Surgeons, chemists, all types of healing professions, Botanical agriculture, Trainers at Health Clubs or Gymnasium, marriage counselors and child birth specialists. Racing professions like Motor Sports, Adventure Sports, Stunt Men, Jewelers especially goldsmith and those involved in Promotional & Motivational jobs and campaigns etc.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Ashvini

Ashvini Nakshatra falls in Aries sign and Mars is the planetary ruler of the sign Aries. Mars is the planet of energy and energy is must for any kind of initiatory impulses, without energy there can be no movement. It can be said that Mars is the engine that drives Ashvini’s Car.

The planetary ruler of this Nakshatra is Ketu. Ketu relates to all types of beginnings, and represents the power of the past which can be utilized to heal the person in the present. The Ashvini kumars are supposed to have the knowledge of all herbs on the physical and astral plane, and are supposed to possess supernatural powers to cure any diseases. This Nakshatra removes friction between married couples and thus promotes marital harmony, they are also known for curing impotence and other types of sexual disorders.

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