Nakshatra Magha

Nakshatra Magha

Nakshatra Magha 0°00- 13° 20’ Leo is tenth Nakshatra. The word ‘Magha’ can be translated into various names like ‘mighty’, the beneficent, the great, the magnificent, the most important or the bountiful. This translation immediately evokes a variety of meanings and feelings and as we shall see this nakshatra is true to its name. Magha Nakshatra falls in Leo sign, and is ruled by Sun.

Symbol For Nakshatra Magha

Magha’s main symbol is a ‘throne’. As a matter one can say it is a ‘royal chamber with a throne’. This symbolism immediately conjures up a picture of royalty, power, status, honor and the like. We can see that all these interpretations live up to the meanings evoked by the name of this Nakshatra. However the bottom line of this symbolism lies in one word – “achievement”. After the struggles and tribulations of Ashlesha (previous nakshatra), it is now time for reaping rewards. In the material realm, Magha bestows this reward on natives under its influence through power, position, authority, and in the higher aspect, through self knowledge.

Profession For Nakshatra Magha

Administrators, Managers, those in direct touch with Royalty, and Those who bestow (or receive) honors, those are super achievers. Those in high positions in Government, People at the top of their chosen profession; entrepreneurs, Legends, Bureaucrats, Aristocrats, Officials, Chairmen (those in a position of authority) are Magha people.

Lawyers, Advocates, Judges, Referees, Magistrates and the like; Politicians, Historians, Librarians, Orators, Dramatists & Performers, Upholders of Traditions, Professions relating to Museums of all types; Occultists, Black Magicians, Exorcists, Astrologers, Dealers in Antiques of all types; Archaeologists, Genetic Engineering Experts, Professions related to using and researching Ancient Knowledge, Monuments etc.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Magha

Ketu is the main planetary ruler of Magha. One of Ketu’s main symbols is a Flag, which directly relates to authority, eminence, fame etc. This favored position in the present life is earned due to meritorious past life deeds. Ketu as we know is the guardian of our past karmas and it releases the ones that are ripe enough to be experienced in the present life through this nakshatra.

According to Varahamihira, those born with Moon in Magha have “lots of wealth, many servants, live a life of luxury and enjoyment, are persevering and devoted to gods and ancestors”.

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