Nakshtra Pushya

Nakshtra Pushya

Nakshtra Pushya 3°20’ Cancer- 16°- 40’ Cancer is the eight Nakshtra and The word ‘Pushya’ translates into the “Nourisher”, the “Nurturer” or the “Yielding”. This simple name carries within itself the essence of this nakshatra. Some scholars are of the opinion that Pushya also translates into “a flower”. The flower conveys the same sense of gentleness and nourishment as the other translations. The entire Nakshtra falls in Cancer sign.

Symbol For Nakshatra Pushya

Pushya’s main symbol is the ‘milk yielding udder of a cow’. The ancient seers saw its three stars as representing a cow’s udder. Once we combine this symbol with its name, all the indications of this nakshatra are immediately clear ie. Its propensity and ability to nourish, nurture, care and give freely on all planes of existence.

Profession For Nakshatra Pushya

All those connected with the Dairy Industry, Food and Drink, Caterers and Hoteliers, All those in the Restaurant Business and Merchants of all types.

Politicians, Rulers & Aristocrats; Clergy, Nuns, Priests, Gurus, Spiritual Teachers; Psychologists, Counselors and Psychotherapists; Managers; Those associated with Charitable Organizations, Professional Hosts & Hostesses. Those earn out of Orthodoxy, Traditionalism and Religious Bigotry.

River and Lake related professions; Teachers and Education Experts; Child Care Professionals; Mothers, All Care Professions; Artisans; Those involved in all kinds of Business and Creative Activities requiring Finesses; Real Estate Agents; Farmers & Gardeners;

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Pushya

The planetary influences affecting this Nakshatra are Moon and Saturn. Saturn is its main planetary ruler. This comes more of a surprise in comparison to the planetary rules of other nakshatras. The association of Saturn with Pushya reveals the hidden side of Saturn’s functioning – its ability for grounded nurturing and painstaking care. Saturn nurtures through conservation, perseverance and limitations.

According to Varahamihira, Moon in Pushya makes one “lucky, learned, wealthy, ethical and of a peaceful nature.

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